• BP Secretary App

    The BP secretary app on smart phone

BP secretary

BP secretary” is a blood pressure health management application developed by Shenzhen 1K Network Technology Co., Ltd, which is a subsidiary of Raycome. The latest Internet technology applied and blood pressure measurement data collected from Pulsewave blood pressure monitor provide you a full set of professional blood pressure health cloud management services.

Personalized blood pressure monitoring

1K Cloud helps every user to care and monitor health, reminding measurement, taking medicine of every family member.

Father and daughter using smart bp app

Graphic report analysis

“BP secretary” has graph to simply and vividly shows data of blood pressure changes, systolic, diastolic, heart rate, measurement time, average, etc. The measurement results are clear and easy to understand.

Persistent data store

No matter how long you use, how many times you measure, the healthy data can be persistently stored so that you can remote viewing the health condition of people you care about at any time any where only by using phone or computer.

Smart devices connected via cloud.
Patients and doctors talking via a smart device

Care families in multi-way

One time measurement, care families in multi-way, no worry of health, you can monitor blood pressure condition of families through PC, iOS, Android, etc.

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