• Raycom RBP 9000 blood pressure machine

Product Description


Desk-top Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor (PulseWave Patent Technology)


RBP-9000 Professional Blood Pressure Device for Hospital-use

Global innovative PulseWave technology. (not Oscillometric method)
Using innovative patent dual-balloons/sensors technology (instead of other single balloon/sensor ordinary digital blood pressure devices) and continuous measurement of multi-point pressure between pulses to achieve the most accurate measurement during the record of the accurate real state of blood flow. Over 40 countries invention patent applied.

The 4th generation NIBP global innovative measurement method makes it possible to establish a new ‘Golden Standard’ when mercury devices will be forbidden to use by The European Environment Union on the Year 2020 because of the ‘Mercury Pollution’.

±2mmHg high accuracy, automatically calculates the test results via mathematical and physical methods. Avoid the measurement error caused by human intervention.

Antibacterial design
Removable cuff cloth design realized anti-bacterial/ comfortable/ healthy measurement upon cleaning/replacing. Support various arm circumference between 17~42cm.

Unique elbow button to adjust arm position, the cuff can be rotated at Horizontal 10° to have a more comfortable measurement.

Both hands can be measured independently.

Print timely and clearly.

Support data communication with PC/ HIS (Hospital Information System) via USB/ RS-232 port.

Human voice reminder
During the whole measurement process to help users follow the correct instructions and get accurate results.

Memory storage up to 100 sets
The ‘MEM’ button helps users search for measurement results.

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Name Automatic Pulsewave Blood Pressure Monitor
Model No. RBP-9000
Measurement Range



0 ~300mmHg (0 ~40kPa)

40-270mmHg (5.3 ~36kPa)

20-200mmHg (2.7 ~26.7kPa)

Pulse rate 30~240/min
Accuracy of BP ± 2mmHg (±0.267kPa)
Accuracy of Pulse Rate ± 2%
Storage Capacity 100 sets
Power Supply AC 100-240V,50-60Hz,1.6-0.8A
Operating Temperature 41℉ ~ 104 ℉ (5℃  ~ 40℃)
Relative Humidity 15% ~ 80%
Air Pressure 80kPa~106kPa
Storage Temperature -7.6℉ ~ 131℉ (-20 ℃ ~ 55 ℃) /
Relative Humidity ≤93%
Air Pressure 50kPa ~106kPa
Gross Weight 9.4kg
Packing Dimension 546mm(L)*486mm(W)*388mm(H)
Shock Protection Class I, Type B
Arim Circumstance 17~42cm
Communication Ports USB*1, RS-232*1
Test Ports Upper Bladder Test Port *1, Lower Bladder Test Port*1
Printer Embedded High-Speed Thermal Printer
Elbow Button Yes, to adjust arm position
Horizontal 10° Adjustment Yes, to help users achieve a comfortable measurement position
Intelligent Awakening No

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