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Why Choose Raycome PulseWave?

Dual airbag design for bp machine

Main Principle

It imitates Mercury BP Monitor:

*Upper airbag functions as pump bulb for adding pressure.

*Lower airbag functions as Stethoscope to detect pulse wave.

*The results come from two sensors algorithms, not by human judgment via hearing and eyesight.

*It is recording the accurate real state of blood flow, continuous measurement of multi-point pressure between pulses, instead of other single air tube digital BP devices’ estimated results from the statistic oscillometric waveform.

How to get the Systolic (SBP)

pulse wave technology
  • H1 stands for the 1st pulsewave amplitude

  • H2 stands for the 2nd pulsewave amplitude

  • Pss1 stands for the airbag pressure data of H1

  • Pss2 stands for the airbag pressure data of H2

  • Pss0 stands for the airbag pressure data when pulsewave amplitude is 0.

  • So,we can get below equals:

  • (Pss1-Pss0)/H1=(Pss2-Pss0)/H2

  • Therefore,Pss0 is the highest pressure (SBP)

When start to measure with the pulsewave cuff, the upper airbag gets enough pressure to block the blood flow of the brachial artery, then it gradually released the pressure of upper airbag until the moment that the blood flow rushes into vessel (we call this moment as Pss0),at this moment, the pulse will generate an intensity wave,this wave compared with the airbag pressure wave,there will be a LINER DATA,we call Pss0 as the highest pressure,that is SYSTOLIC PRESSURE (SBP)

How to get the Diastolic (DBP)

  • Psz1 & Psz2 & Psz3 & Psz4 : Separately stands for lower airbag pressure data (which also means the pulsewave pressure data) at each SBP points.

  • T1 & T2 & T3 & T4 : Separately stands for the TIME DELAY of pulsewave according to Psz1/2/3/4.

  • PszA & PszB : Separately stands for lower airbag pressure data when upper airbag pressure data is smaller than DBP data.

  • TA & TB : Separately stands for the matching time delay

  • Psz0 stands for upper airbag pressure data at DBP point

  • T0 stands for the matching pulsewave time delay on this DBP point.

  • So,we’ll get below equals:

  • (TA+TB)/2=T0

  • (Psz1-Psz0)/(T1-T0)= (Psz2-Psz0)/(T2-T0)= (Psz3-Psz0)/(T3-T0)= (Psz4-Psz0)/(T4-T0)

  • Therefore, Psz0 is the lowest pressure (DBP)

dealy time and air bag pressure

When blood rushes into vessel,with the pressure released from the upper airbag, there is a time delay for blood flow from heart to brachial artery , and the moment when this time delay gradually approaches zero,it means the blood can flow freely without any external pressure,just flow by the heart beats pressure,this moment stands for the lowest blood pressure (DBP),we call it Psz0.

A traditional mercury bp monitor and a red cross on it

Why not Mercury

Because of mercury pollution.it’s forbidden to use since Year 2020 by UN ENVRIONMENT.
It’s easy to be influenced by individual subjective judgement (gas release rate , result reading speed)
Not convenient to be operated by people with poor hearing/eyesight.
Complex operation, high requirements for physical coordination.

Why not other Single airtube digital Blood Pressure Monitors

*Basically, most of the single tube BP Monitors calculates the systolic and diastolic values from the oscillometric waveform, it is a statistical method, not a record of the real state of blood flow and it’s pressure signal. So it’s relatively accurate for people with normal blood pressure, but far from reality for people who have irregular heartbeats/hypertension/hypotension/arteriosclerosis).

*No global uniform standards of oscillometric calculation method . Each manufacturer has it’s own standard to get the estimated result according to the statistics data. A large deviation in measurement results especially for people with problems of their blood pressure.

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