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Established on April,2008,Raycome is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development, production and sales of Blood Pressure Measurement and Laser Therapy devices.

Research Core

Raycome has a scientific research team with Dr. Wu Xiaoguang of Tsinghua University as the core, who is a well-known expert in laser research:

*Graduate from Tsinghua University, major in Physics
*Senior engineer of Chinese Academy of Sciences
*Distinguished Professor of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
*Dean of Zhengan Laser Technology Research Institute
*Deputy Chairman and Secretary-General of the Third Council of Health and Longevity
*Professional Committee of China Geriatric Care Association
*National well-known laser medical expert.

Dr. Wu, a well-known expert in laser research
A customer trying the Raycome blood pressure monitor

Featured Products

Year 2011,Raycome started R&D on Accurate Blood Pressure Measurement Technology and launched the 4th generation PulseWave Blood Pressure Monitors into the market. It using innovative patent dual-balloons/sensors technology (instead of other single balloon/sensor ordinary digital blood pressure devices) and continuous measurement of multi-point pressure between pulses to achieve the most accurate measurement during the record of the accurate real state of blood flow. Over 40 countries invention patent applied.

patients and doctors connect via bp secretary app

Mobile Health Data Management

Raycome also developed client software APP named ‘BP Secretary’ for health data management. On the basis of Accurate Blood Pressure Figures,this APP supplying professional and long-term health management service. It covers clinical use/OTC/Mobile models.


Raycome PulseWave Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices,

*was assigned and applied in Chinese Aircraft Carrier.
*was listed in China Foreign Aid Medical Product catalog.
*was granted by the National Emergency Staff Center as the assigned BP Monitors supplier.
*was granted by National Hypertension Big Data Joint Laboratory as the assigned Blood Pressure Monitors supplier
*Co-operated with the National Center for Cardiovascular Disease as its designated partner and sole partner for Sphygmomanometers products.
*won the top 50 Biotechnology Innovation Enterprises in Guangdong-HongKong-Macao Bay Area

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