1. Laser irradiate para spinal and non-invasive penetrate skin and muscle to get reach of blocked pressed stimulation nerve root, remove nerve root edema and aseptic inflammation. Stop pain by improve the inflammatory reaction of stimulated nerve root.

2. Irradiating the lumbar muscle will have apparent activation on cells and influence metabolism to improve tissue regeneration, lift inflammation, remove waist fatigue, strengthen waist power and regain support and protect the spine.

3. Massage therapy takes advantage of massager state to broaden gap between spinal vertebral body, intercalated disc back posterior longitudinal ligament tension, do benefit to recovery extruded nucleus pulposus and normal vertebral body arrangement, slack ligament tension, then reduce pressure and stimulation of spinal cord and spinal nerve root.

4. Vibration and massage therapy loose muscle tension to strengthen support and fixation of spine; reduce symptoms by increasing partial blood circulation.

5. The waist strap fixation structure can correct former un-normal physiological curvature.

Applicable people

Waist strap fixed on the instrument, intelligent pneumatic positioning laser irradiating paraspinal and
lumbar muscle with vibration massage, which improves blood circulation of lumbar muscle, relieves
lumbar muscle fatigue, strengthens the soft tissue to fix, support and protect the spine.




The Elderly

Low level laser therapy

Low level laser 650nm is applied, irradiate the knee joint and surrounding soft tissue, improve the blood microcirculation of partial muscle and strengthen the soft tissue.

Vibration massage

The high frequency vibration massage is applied to effectively relieve waist fatigue, tension and relax lumbar muscle with healthcare function.

Inflatable massage

Based on traditional Chinese medicine theory, simulate the massage skills of Chinese medicine on waist and effectively relieve acid pain.

Five working mode

How to use waist massager is different from people to people, disease to disease. Only when scientifically using it, can waist massager plays its proper role.
Mode 1: Irradiation : light pulse with fixed frequency. Massage and vibration: Massage and vibration start and stop at the same time, keep for 4 seconds, deflation and circulation. Applicable people having waist strain.
Mode 2: Irradiation: light pulse with fixed frequency. Massage and vibration: Massage and vibration do not happen at the same time, vibration comes after massage, an interval of 4 seconds, deflation and circulation. Applicable people having lumbar Disc bulging.
Mode 3: Irradiation: light pulse with fixed frequency. Massage and vibration: Massage without vibration. Applicable people having lumbar Disc bulging.
Mode 4: Irradiation: light pulse with fixed frequency. Massage and vibration: Vibration without massage. Applicable people having waist muscle relief and repair.
Mode 5: Long-lasting laser and LED irradiation, but without massage and vibration. Applicable foracute waist injury.


1. User should absolutely avoid light to irradiate eyes area directly.
2. The machine should be placed out of reach to children for fear that laser hurts their eyes by misoperation.
3. Patients wearing cardiac pacemaker are not recommended to use this product because it may influence cardiac pacemaker working.
4. The elderly and sensitive people should start therapy from low power and short time; increasing the therapy power after adaption and using it once to twice daily, 15 minutes each time.
5. Improve the diet structure and do appropriate sports when in therapy to strengthen metabolism.
6. Do not use nearby gas station or oil station.
7. May cause slight interference to television, radio, computer, etc.
8. People affected with hemorrhagic disease, cancer and pregnant women are prohibited to use this product.

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