• Raycome Nail fungus laser device

Raycome is an experienced manufacturer of high-quality laser physiotherapy devices and blood pressure monitors. The laser nail therapy device is one of our flagships. All our products are developed through innovative research by a team of dedicated experts and are made using the latest technology. As a result, we have been granted patents and international clinical certifications in multiple countries.

We are very passionate about healthcare and deeply value the wellbeing of our clients. Our vision is to keep harnessing technology to provide even more effective healthcare solutions for them.

How Laser Kills Fungus

Nail fungus thrives in the nail bed and causes discoloration and thickening of nails. When the Raycome Nail Fungus Laser Device is applied, it irradiates 905±10nm of invisible light and 460nm±30nm of visible blue light. Both laser beams penetrate the soft tissue of the nail bed and destroy the fungus.

Additionally, during irradiation, the soft tissue cells become stimulated causing an increase of blood flow to the nail bed. This facilitates the supply of essential nutrients that aid the generation of new healthy nail cells. After some sessions of laser nail therapy, nails are restored to being clear and strong.

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Raycome Nail fungus laser device

High-efficiency Irradiation

905±10nm high-power weak laser combined with 460nm±30nm visible blue light, directly acting on nails, improving nail health and helping nail care.

beautiful nails after laser treatment

Stronger Blood Circulation

Irradiation can accelerate blood circulation, provide sufficient blood supply and nutrition to make the nails shiny and bright.

Raycome Nail fungus laser device

Compact and Portable

Ergonomic design, compact and exquisite shape, easy to use and portable

Raycome Nail fungus laser device

Safe and User-friendly

One-button operation, safe and painless, without any side effects

A Raycome nail fungus laser device and its parts

Name RG-HZJ-01 Nail Fungus Laser Device
Visible light output Visible light output460nm±30nm Blue Light
Invisible light output905±10nm High power weak laser
Luminous medium Semiconductor laser, light emitting diode
Relative Humidity ≤ 80%
Waterproof Level IP22
Environment Temprature 5℃~40
Power Embeded Li BatteryDC3.7V
Net Weight 30g

How to use it?

1. Take out the Nail Fungus Laser Device from the packing box.

2. Put a single finger into the sleeve case, let the nail face to the laser window.

3. Press the switch button, the indicator light is on (shown in blue) to start working, the device is automatically set to work for 10 minutes each time, it is recommended to use each morning and evening.

4. How to replace the sleeve case? -Hold the main machine in the left hand, hold the sleeve case in the right hand, and use the right hand slowly along the opposite direction of the laser window to remove the sleeve case;

5. How to install the sleeve case?- Firstly, snap the edge of the sleeve case into the slot of the main machine Inside, then slowly and vigorously push the sleeve to a fixed position.


1. It is absolutely forbidden to let your eyes directly look at the light output from the device.

2. Please use the power charger (5V-1A) or other power supply equipment (5V-1A) that meets the GB9706.1-2007 standard to re-charge the device. It can be used for one week when fully charged.

3. During the charging process, please do not use the product for measurement, and do not insert or remove it when your hands are wet!

4. If the product is not used for more than 3 months, it is recommended to store it after fully charged.

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