• A pain relief laser device

Raycome has more than a decade of experience in manufacturing laser pain relief devices. Our laser research department is led by Dr. Wu Xiaoguang of Tshinghua University who is a renowned expert in the field. Under his stewardship, we continue to develop effective home-based laser care devices for different ailments.

The good health of our customers is our foremost priority in all our endeavors. In honor of this, we remain committed to delivering the best quality of sphygmomanometers and laser therapy machines.

Why Use Laser For Pain?

Laser therapy for pain provides fast relief by delivering an analgesic effect to the site of the injury. It is non-intrusive and presents no complications when administered correctly. The sessions are brief and require no extended period of recovery. Some laser pain relief equipment can also conveniently be used on the go.

Moreover, laser treatment for pain promotes the healing of underlying causes. For inflammations, laser irradiation increases the activity of phagocytic cells causing an anti-inflammatory effect. It also accelerates protein synthesis to facilitate tissue repair. Due to this, laser pain relief lasts longer, and not just for the moment.

What’s more

The Raycome Pain Relief Laser Device has a versatile design that makes it suitable for use in different settings. Each unit has wheels to facilitate the movement of the device in various areas of a medical facility or a home. This provides some degree of freedom to multitask during treatment.

Further, this device can be used to administer laser therapy for muscle pain in different parts of the body. It is fitted with a flexible stainless steel laser probe that can be placed wherever relief is required. Whether on the knee or shoulder it stays in place without any support.

Clinical Applications

A woman suffering from neuropathic pain

neuropathic pain

Back suffering from backpain


knee rheumatic disease


body inflammation

infectious or non-infectious inflammation

skin disease

skin disease

Strong analgesia

After irradiation, this device can accelerate the release of the morphine-like substance in the pain area and reduces conduction velocity, strength and impulse frequency of the nervous system of the irradiated portion to achieve a strong analgesic effect.

Pain reliefed after laser treatment helping the neuro system

Inflammatory cells before and after laser treatment

Rapid anti-inflammatory

Irradiating the lesion area can increase the activity of phagocytic cells and enhance immunity to achieve rapid anti-inflammatory effect.

Tissue repair

Irradiation can accelerate synthesis of DNA and RNA, boost the growth of new blood vessels and granulation tissue, accelerate protein synthesis, accelerate the metabolism and maturation of a variety of tissue repair cells and boost the generation, deposition and crosslinking of collagenous fibers to achieve tissue repair.

Tissue repaired after laser treatment
Blood condition before and after laser treatment


Both of direct irradiating the lesion area where blood flow decreased and indirect irradiating the sympathetic ganglia dominating this lesion area can increase blood flow to provide adequate blood supply and nutrition, promote metabolite exclusion.


1.Inappropriate operation with control components, adjusting the devices may cause dangerous radiation.
2. Because laser probe should touch human body during treatment process, the device must be used with set-up of protective earth for electric power.
3. Because laser probe comprises of optical system, it should be treated carefullyand lightly without collision and falling for avoiding mechanical damage. The machine must be protected from heat and moisture.Wipe the laser probe lens with clean cloth or mull to maintain the device effectively.
4. The laser irradiation is prohibited on melanin for avoiding skin burn injury.
5. If the device and accessories meet the life span, please dispose it comply with the relevant local regulations, as well as processing the packaging materials.
6. People with malignant tumor or cancer are prohibited to use this instrument.
7. When the machine is moved from relative cold temperature( beyond 5~40℃) to room temperature place, do not start it up until the machine temperature gets close to the room temperature for avoiding malfunction.
8. It is not recommended for using flammable anaesthetic and oxidizable gas such as nitrous oxide and oxygen when operating. Some of materials such as cotton may be ignited by the high temperature during machine working. The solvents used for cleaning and sterilization of flammable solution should volatilize completely before machine operation for avoiding ignition danger.
9. The machine should be placed out of reach to children and pets.
10. Don not use the Emergency Switch as normal switch under normal circumstance, otherwise, it will do harm to the maintenance.
11. On emergency condition, should use the manual emergency switch to stop laser output immediately (The emergency switch is with shape of red mushroom with a yellow circle on the below position). When the emergency was solved, turn on the switch to start it up again.
12. The device has been granted for delivery by strict testing and debugging. No user serviceable parts inside, do not attempt to disassemble the device or do not attempt to repair. If your device doesn’t work, please contact with our company or local distributors

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