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WUHAN Hospitals & Raycome BP Monitors

Feb 2020

During the Corona Virus (COVID-19) outbreak in China, Raycome PulseWave Blood Pressure Monitors were applied in WUHAN hospitals like ‘Fire God Mountain Hospital’ and ‘ Thunder God Mountain Hospital’…

China Foreign Aid Medical Product Catalog

Jan 2019

Raycome Blood Pressure Monitors (PulseWave Invention Patent Technology) were listed in China Foreign Aid Medical Product Catalog…

National Reserve Emergency Supplies

July 2019

Raycome was granted by the National Reserve Emergency Supplies Center as the assigned Blood Pressure Devices…

Top 50 of Innovative Biotechnology Enterprises

Sep 7,2018

Raycome won the top 50 Biotechnology Innovation Enterprises in Guangdong-HongKong-Macao Bay Area……

National Engineering Research Center


Raycome was granted by National Hypertension Big Data Joint Laboratory as the assigned BPM supplier…..

National Center for Cardiovascular Disease

Jan 6,2016

Co-operated with the National Center for Cardiovascular Disease as its designated partner and sole partner for Sphygmomanometer products

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