• A Raycome knee laser therapy device

As a trusted healthcare device manufacturer, Raycome specializes in the research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of blood pressure and laser therapy devices. We have been endorsed by industry stakeholders for the quality of our work. All Raycome devices are clinically tested and certified by relevant authorities. By this product, we are dedicated to providing you with the best laser therapy for knee pain.

At Raycome, we understand the challenges that pain management presents to patients. It is why we are passionate about developing safe and reliable methods of pain relief such as laser therapy. We aim to continue meeting our clients’ healthcare device needs across the world while maintaining the highest industry standards.

How does a Knee Care Laser Device Work?

Laser therapy for knee pain works by stimulating blood circulation to the knee to reduce inflammation. The increased blood flow also brings relief by warming knee joints that may have been stiffened by cold. Irradiation further helps strengthen the tissues around the knee to improve support for the knee joint.

The knee care laser massager alleviates pain by reducing the muscle stiffness that arises from conditions like arthritis and rheumatism. This allows the knee joint to move more fluidly and improves a patient’s quality of life. The massage motions are also relaxing and provide soothing sensations to counteract persistent aches.

Treatment principle

3D vibration technology and laser irradiation applied, through dimensional massage and direct irradiation to knee joint, to improve the blood supply to the knee joint and surrounding soft tissue, strengthen the soft tissue to fix, support and protect the knee joint.

Product Features

The Raycome Knee Care Laser Device is a compact wearable device that is designed to emit low-level laser irradiation of 650nm. However, the power settings can be adjusted to suit different patients’ needs. The device can equally be set to alternate between massage features.

Our device has two distinct massage features. Vibration massage works to stimulate soft tissue cells around the knee. It is delivered at different angles and is facilitated by 3D vibration technology integrated into the device. Conversely, the electric pulse massage involves relaxing fluid motions likened to ancient Chinese massage techniques.

Clinical Applications

A person whose knees are suffering from aging and coldness

Old Cold Legs

Knees suffering from arthritis


An injured knee

Injured Knee

Low level laser therapy

Low level laser 650nm is applied, irradiate the knee joint and surrounding soft tissue, improve the blood microcirculation of partial muscle and strengthen the soft tissue.

Vibrate massage

The high frequency vibrate massage is applied, improve the blood supply of knee joint and surrounding soft tissue, effectively relieve muscle fatigue, tension and exercise the body.

Electric pulse massage

Based on traditional Chinese medicine theory, simulate the massage skills of Chinese medicine to accelerate partial blood circulation and effectively relieve acid pain. Strengthen the fix, support and protect effect of knee joint.


1. User should absolutely avoid light to irradiate eyes area directly.
2. The machine should be placed out of reach to children for fear that laser hurts their eyes by misoperation.
3.Patients wearing cardiac pacemaker are not recommended to use this product because it may influence cardiac pacemaker working.
4. The elderly and sensitive people should start therapy from low power and short time; increasing the therapy power after adaption and using it once to twice daily, 15 minutes each time.
5. Improve the diet structure and do appropriate sports when in therapy to strengthen metabolism.
6. Do not use nearby gas station or oil station.
7. May cause slight interference to television, radio, computer, etc.
8. People affected with hemorrhagic disease, cancer and pregnant women are prohibited to use this product.

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