Blood Pressure Monitor For Hospital Use

Raycome has been a trusted hospital bp machines supplier selling hospital-grade blood pressure machines and related equipments for more than 10 years. We specialize in the development, manufacturing, and supply of high-quality blood pressure monitors and laser therapy devices. All our products are designed using patented technology and have been fully certified by both local and international clinical authorities.

It is our goal to continue to grow the Raycome brand into an even wider global presence. We would like to give more people access to our reliable healthcare solutions because we value the health of our customers. We continue to partner with accredited global health organizations towards this goal.


A Raycome hospital-use blood pressure monitor


A Raycome hospital-use blood pressure monitor


hospital-use blood pressure monitor


  • Desktop design for hospital use
  • Arm cuff and elbow positioning adjustable
  • Digital display screen
  • Embedded thermal printer
  • 2 communications ports

  • Desktop hospital BP monitor
  • Digital display and adjustable arm cuff
  • Optional Bluetooth Cloud service
  • 3 communication ports
  • Intelligent awakening

  • Portable design 
  • Recommended for nurses and doctors
  • Ample digital display
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • USB port

Tips on Choosing our Products

RBP-9000 and RBP-7000 hospital blood pressure monitors are designed for medical professionals. The tested accuracy of each device is within +/- 2mmHG. They support health data management systems and are compatible with our Raycome BP Secretary application. Multiple health data sets can be stored on the device or using cloud storage.

Raycome hospital-grade blood pressure monitors use our patented dual-balloon/sensor Pulsewave Technology. The upper dual balloons act as pumps to increase pressure during BP measurement while the lower balloons work like a stethoscope to detect pulse waves. This gives far more accurate readings than ordinary devices with single-balloon/sensor technology.

How Can a Good Hospital Sphygmomanometer Help?

A professional automatic blood pressure monitor that gives accurate readings is an important diagnostic tool. It helps healthcare professionals understand a patient’s BP status and its effects on their health. This guides doctors in creating a more wholesome and effective treatment plan. Early detection of BP irregularities also helps doctors recommend lifestyle changes and medication that could prevent further blood pressure complications.

Well-designed hospital blood pressure machines further help improve the delivery of healthcare services. They allow for more patients to be attended to faster without compromising the accuracy of readings. Data storage and wireless data transfer also ease the management of patient information. Through them, hospital BP monitors can be paired with hospital management systems. This creates a unified system through which patient data can be updated and shared with their doctors whenever necessary.

Additionally, a portable professional blood pressure machine model provides doctors and nurses with flexibility. They can easily use such monitors to check the blood pressure levels of admitted patients during rounds or emergencies without needing to tag along a desktop BP monitor. Portable hospital BP machines are equally helpful in providing care to patients that may not be able to position their arms in a stationary monitor. 


What Makes a Good Professional Blood Pressure Monitor

Hospital blood pressure machines are used on patients with different arm sizes. It is, therefore, important for the arm cuff to be adjustable to fit different patients correctly. This ensures comfort and accuracy during BP readings.

Hospitals handle high volumes of patients and have to keep a record of each patient’s BP readings for reference. A professional automatic blood pressure machine with sufficient data storage capacity can store multiple sets of patient BP readings. This makes it easy to manage patient BP data.

BP readings are fundamental in examining the health of a patient and determining the type of treatment that they need. For this reason, a good hospital blood pressure monitor should give readings with an accuracy of about +/-2mmHg.

Pulse wave technology gives a true reflection of a patient’s heart rhythm, heart rate, and overall BP health. It is an essential feature in a professional blood pressure machine as it helps diagnose low/high blood pressure as well as other related ailments such as underlying heart conditions.

Blood pressure monitors with dual balloons take readings from multiple points. The upper balloon exerts pressure during measurements which enables the lower balloon to detect pulse waves like a stethoscope. This gives more accurate feedback on the status of a patient’s blood pressure health.

Why Choose Raycome?

At Raycome, we invest in research and the latest technologies to deliver user-friendly and reliable blood pressure machines. They are highly accurate, have adjustable cuffs, and are compatible with various data storage and communication options. We also use high-quality components that are easy to sanitize and can withstand frequent clinical usage.

We offer a 1-year warranty on all our blood pressure machines. During this period, our technical team provides our clients with troubleshooting support via video, voice, and text. We further provide replacement parts for repairs based on the analysis and recommendations of our technicians. Our services remain available even after warranty expiration.

All Raycome professional automatic blood pressure machines operate using our patented Pulse Wave technology. They have an accuracy of +/-2mmHg  and do not require healthcare professionals to perform any complex calculations during readings. This greatly improves the standard of healthcare service delivery to patients.