• Home-use Blood pressure Monitors

For over a decade, Raycome has been developing and manufacturing top-rated blood pressure monitors and laser therapy devices. We aim to provide the best blood pressure monitor for home use and develope exclusive patented technology which sets our devices apart. Due to this, we continue to be the preferred supplier for numerous reputable health organizations.

The Raycome team is passionate about the well-being and prosperity of our clients. We are committed to providing healthcare management solutions that improve their lives. In line with this vision, we continue to grow our brand further to grant more people access to our products in the global healthcare sector.

Homedics Blood Pressure Monitors Raycome Supplies

Raycome 9805 blood pressure machine


A Raycome blood pressure monitor


Raycome wearable bp machine


  • Portable and rechargeable
  • Ample digital display and flexible arm cuff 
  • Supports 2 user profiles 
  • USB port
  • Wireless data transmission
  • Portable and rechargeable 
  • Large digital display and flexible arm cuff
  • Smart device compatibility
  • Supports 2 user profiles 
  • USB port
  • Sleek portable design
  • Wearable arm cuff
  • Quick-charging technology
  • Wireless data transfer
  • USB port

Tips on Choosing our Products

The RBP-9805 and RBP-2400 are portable easy-to-use blood pressure kits for home use. They have human voice prompt technology to guide you through every BP monitoring session. We also offer the RBP-88A which is wearable and ideal for travel. All 3 models support health data management through device and cloud storage, data transfer, and the BP Secretary app.

We guarantee you accurate home readings within +/-2 mmHg as all models use our special dual-balloon/sensor Pulsewave Technology. The two upper balloons in the arm cuff exert pressure during readings while the bottom balloons detect pulse waves like a stethoscope. Multipoint measurements are more accurate than single-balloon/sensor technology.