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Automatic BP Machine By Raycome

Best Blood Pressure Monitors Manufacturers in Canada

Some of Canada’s greatest manufacturers and suppliers of bp monitors.
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Choosing a Blood Pressure Monitor Monitor

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Blood Pressure Monitor

Source: pixabay.com Blood pressure monitors, as the name suggests, are devices used in the medical field to measure the blood pressure in patients. They are devices that date back to the late 1800s. Also called a sphygmomanometer, the first…
Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor 101

Source: pixabay.com Keeping tabs on your health is the best investment you can ever make in yourself and your family. Many people only visit the hospital when something has already gone wrong, and that should never be the case. Some diseases,…
Best Blood Pressure Monitors 2020

Best Blood Pressure Monitors in 2020

Source: pixabay.com Diseases like hypertension used to pose a great danger to people in the past. There was no way of knowing when the blood pressure was about to go berserk. People had to be rushed to the nearest hospital to determine what…
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The accuracies of pulse wave and oscillometric electronic sphygmomanometers for blood pressure measurements in obese people XU Hai*, HOU Lei, ZUO Hui-juan, WANG Qin-fu, QIN Fang, CHEN Xiao-rong, ZHANG Ji-yu, WANG Zeng-wu, MA Ji-xiang *Department…
Structure of coronavirus


Those with high blood pressure are at a greater risk for Covid-19. Here's what you need to know to protect yourself