Heart Muscle Inflammation

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The Covid 19 pandemic has shaken things up in all sectors of our lives with some people being more at risk compared to others. We’ve had the time and again that people with pre-existing conditions are more at risk if they contract this disease. This is especially true for those with a history of high blood pressure and heart problems among others. With high blood pressure getting your levels measured using a hospital use blood pressure monitor is essential. This will help you manage the situation even as you deal with the Covid 19 effects. However, as we are warned about this, most of us have no idea what covid 19 can do to our hearts. The effects of Covid 19 on the heart will be experienced whether you’ve had previous heart issues or not. Some of the different ways Covid 19 will affect your heart include:

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Heart Muscle Inflammation

Heart Muscle Inflammation
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When it comes to inflammation of the heart muscle, it is most commonly experienced by patients with advanced Covid 19 disease. This means that the disease has progressed and is not responding to any treatment options. The inflammation in the heart muscle is also referred to as Myocarditis that may also result in direct heart invasion by the virus.

When this occurs, you find that the heart is prone to enlarge and weaken which also results in a significant blood pressure level decrease. To keep tabs on your blood pressure with ease consider having a home-use blood pressure monitor at your disposal.

Additionally, this condition may also result in the appearance of fluids in the lungs which will make breathing effectively a task. Granted, this type of severe form of Myocarditis may be a bit rare. It is however common in most Covid 19 patients in a mild form with more subtle signs and symptoms. Regardless, it is important to ensure that you keep up with your medication to ensure that you are well prepared in case of anything. 

Oxygen Demand

Oxygen Demand
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Covid 19 virus comes with fever and infections that will be catastrophic and affect the heart’s function. This leads to a faster heart rate and may result in further complications like pneumonia. With this, you find that the blood pressure levels are completely unpredictable. They could spike or drop at any given time. These fluctuating levels leave the heart struggling to catch up and cause significant stress as well.

With this, you find that there is high oxygen demand that can be met. This results in the weakening of the heart muscle. Oxygen supply is hindered by a blockage in the heart arteries by a blood clot. This leads to significant heart damage and stress to one’s body. This clotting is facilitated by the covid 19 diseases that could go as far as clogging the lungs. With such a condition the heart is left to deal with too much stress than it can handle. This then leads to a heart attack and may result in heart damage.


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Different types of arrhythmia conditions are related to the heart and may differ depending on the causes. However, with Covid 19, you find that the medication is used to treat the disease and keep the virus in control may cause heart arrhythmia. Heart arrhythmia refers to the irregular beat of the heart. It could either be faster or slower than usual. With this, you find that the heart is not able to work at its best and may result in heart damage. It may also result in high blood pressure given the stress inflicted on the heart and your body.

How to Mitigate the Effects of Covid 19 on Your Heart

How to Mitigate the Effects of Covid 19 on Your Heart
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Being able to come out in front of this condition and avoid the negative results is the best way to go about this. This is especially true if you have a history of heart illness or other heart-related issues. To help avoid the adverse effects, here are a few things you should pay attention to.

Observe the Covid 19 prevention measures to the letter. It’s better safe than sorry so ensure to protect yourself as well as you can.

Learn more about the Covid 19 signs and symptoms and how to identify them

Keep up with your heart medication and keep up with your lifestyle changes

Ensure that you regularly take accurate blood pressure readings to ensure that you stay ahead and are well informed about your status.

Report to your healthcare provider whenever you feel the Covid 19 symptoms to get tested. This will help you avoid being too late and having to deal with advanced Covid 19 that could prove to be a problem.


Covid-19 has a significant effect on your heart whether you’ve had heart problems before or not. It is however more severe to those with heart issues as underlying conditions. This disease may result in inflammation that could lead to heart damage and deter its function significantly. This is why you need to take your time to ensure that you keep up with your treatment to avoid complications.