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How to Handle Pain Without Medication

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It is difficult to get through a day when you are in pain. Depending on the severity, you may become irritable and unable to be productive. Now imagine what it is like to live with chronic pain every day. It deprives you of joy and diminishes your quality of life a great deal.

There have been many studies and research efforts to find ways to manage pain. They have yielded a variety of medications that, while effective, also present other challenges. In light of this, pain management alternatives that do not involve medication are increasingly becoming a necessity.

Let us explore some pertinent issues regarding alternative pain management.

Table of Contents

Side-effects of Pain Medication

Man passed out holding a pill bottle
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Taking medication is a natural response when you have a nagging toothache or a blinding headache. However, there are side-effects that arise from the regular use of painkillers.

Pain medications are classified into different categories based on what their active ingredients are. Each of them comes with its own set of risks. To get a clearer picture of this, let us examine them individually.


Aspirin tablets
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Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs are medications that are used to address common aches and some inflammations. Most of them contain aspirin which is a blood thinner and can be bought over the counter. Examples include Ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin among many others.

If you are on blood-thinning medication such as warfarin for other conditions, taking NSAIDs containing aspirin puts your life at risk. Aspirin further diminishes the blood-clotting capabilities of your blood. In the event of any accidents, you are likely to bleed profusely and it can be fatal. It is recommended that patients on blood thinners find non-aspirin pain solutions.

Additionally, if you have any risk indicators for cardiac ailments you may also want to stay away from NSAIDs. Diclofenac has been flagged in this regard as a high-risk medication that increases the possibility of heart attacks and strokes. According to medical researchers, it causes a prostaglandin imbalance in the body which increases the chances of blood clot formation. 


A box of Tylenol
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Acetaminophen is more commonly referred to as paracetamol. It is preferred by most people to address mild pains and fevers. However, unlike NSAIDs, acetaminophen does not treat inflammation. Tylenol falls under this category.

Long-term use of acetaminophen pain medications has been found to pose a risk of liver damage. While they are considered milder and safer, the liver oxidizes acetaminophen into a toxic substance. An overdose or persistent use over time can cause irreversible liver damage.


Oxycodone tablets and bottle
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Opioid pain relief medications are prescribed for more intense and chronic pain. Opioids work by blocking the transmission of pain by binding themselves to receptors in your Central Nervous System. They are also known as narcotics and are controlled substances. Examples include Oxycodone, Codeine, and Morphine.

According to the CDC, approximately 67,000 people died from opioid-related complications in 2018. Thousands more are addicted to their prescription painkillers. Even with the best intentions and discipline, medications with opioids can trick your brain into dependency. 

The complications of addiction span from the distraction of families, job loss, diminished cognitive function, and even death from overdoses. While they are helpful in managing severe pain the effects may be more than you bargained for. By law, you are always at liberty to ask your physician about safer alternatives.

Common Ways to Handle Pain Without Medication

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In light of the various risks and complications that can arise from pain medication, you may want to consider other options. There are many methods that have been tested but they vary in their suitability from one person to another. Factors such as age, the type of pain, and other physical conditions can influence which method may be ideal for you.

Some of the options available include:

Mild Workouts

Hitting the gym while in pain is not just undesirable but it can also exacerbate pain and symptoms. Less exerting workouts from various disciplines may be more beneficial as they are actually focused on wellness. 

Tai Chi

Man in white attire in a tai chi pose
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There are two kinds of tai chi; one is focused on martial arts while the other is less combative. The latter is recommended for addressing pain. It involves poses aimed at improving stability and strengthening muscles. Breathing exercises are also incorporated into the sessions to promote mental and emotional wellness.

One of the common causes of back pain, for instance, is poor body posture. The poses help participants improve their body posture and can eradicate back pain completely for some. 

Further, studies have been carried out to investigate the feasibility of tai chi as a pain management method. The results show that patients indeed benefit from the exercises. They reported experiencing less fibromyalgia-related pain.


Ladies in yoga poses
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The practice of yoga follows a series of stretching poses. They can be adjusted to accommodate beginners, older people, and other needs. Over time as you build muscle tone and become flexible, you can advance to more challenging poses.

Yoga is effective for managing back pain, joint aches, and improving bone density. Low bone density can cause a slackened posture with discomfort and persistent backaches too. For most people, it occurs with aging and can be an effect of menopause too. Dealing with it through yoga alleviates such pains.

Heat yoga is recommendable for arthritis patients and other similar conditions that present with muscle stiffness. It is basically a yoga session practiced in a heated room. For safety, it should always be undertaken with the guidance of a certified yoga instructor.


A man and a woman stretching their limbs by a river
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Stretching can easily be done at home and requires no special classes. Muscle stiffness and a lack of exercise can sometimes be the reason why your body is achy. As you stretch, your muscles get more relaxed and blood flow improves which helps alleviate aches and discomforts.

Walks, swimming, and light exercises can all be used for stretching. Nevertheless, it is important to listen to your body and not exert yourself too much. Increase your routine gradually to prevent injuries and muscle-pulls.

Nutritional Therapy

A spread of different foods
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Nutrition is a fundamental part of your health. When it comes to pain, food can be used to help alleviate it and also prevent it.

Heavily processed foods that have no nutritional value can keep your body in a constant state of inflammation. You may not necessarily see a rash on your skin but it could be the reason why you constantly have body pains. Moreover, being overweight puts extra strain on your back and joints.

It is advisable to aim for foods with high nutritional value that are also likely to bolster your immune system. To benefit from nutritional pain management, you would need to commit to healthy eating as a lifestyle. It is not an overnight fix.

Consider adding healthier substitutes to your diet such as:

  • Whole-wheat pastries

  • Fish- Omega 3 helps with joint pains

  • Berries, green leafy vegetables

  • Poultry for protein

  • Healthy oils and fats like those from salmon


A lady in a meditative pose
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The power of the mind can certainly not be denied. A person’s state of mind has the power to influence their mood, health, and every facet of their life. It is this power that meditation seeks to harness to manage pain.

Guided meditation invites you to focus and connect with your body and senses on a deeper level. The goal is not to distract the mind from the pain but to feel it and transcend it with your thoughts. It can be added to a patient’s routine and even used alongside other pain management therapies.

Further, given as chronic pain is a daily challenge, patients’ lives can tend to revolve around it. They can easily become depressed. Meditation exercises help patients learn to use their minds to achieve serenity and have healthier affirming thoughts. When the body is free of tension, muscles relax and this helps ease the pain. 

Audio Therapy

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Different centers of the brain are stimulated by musical sounds. For example, music activates the hypothalamus which results in reduced heart rate and blood pressure. If you suffer from migraines or tension headaches, you could get some relief from this effect.

Most patients of chronic pain have a hard time falling and staying asleep due to discomfort. Sounds from white-noise machines or audio applications have been found to be very therapeutic for them. Getting enough sleep helps the immune system and improves patients’ overall well-being.

Playing suitable music during workouts is likely to give participants more endurance and motivation. In meditation, sounds can be used to set a conducive mood for mental focusing and physical relaxation.

Laser Therapy

Raycome laser pain relief device

Laser therapy uses specialized laser devices that stimulate cells to achieve particular healing objectives. When you choose to use laser therapy for pain management, you can look forward to benefits such as:

  • Non-intrusive treatments; laser beams penetrate the skin without the need for incisions

  • Lasting pain relief as laser pain management also addresses the underlying cause and not just the symptoms

  • The ability to target treatment to the specific area that hurts

  • Shorter recovery time

For a better understanding, let us examine in detail how laser therapy works.

Tissue Repair

Tissue repaired after laser treatment

Muscle tears or other forms of trauma on the flesh is one of the main causes of agony for many people. Irradiation from a pain-relief laser therapy device can stimulate the production and maturation of tissue repair cells like connecting collagen fibers. The faster the tissue is helped to heal, the sooner the pain goes away.

Accelerated protein synthesis also plays a role in tissue repair on wounds and injuries. When DNA and RNA are produced they boost the growth of new blood vessels which restores blood flow. Proper blood flow is critical as cells rely on blood and its components for nutrients that help with recuperation.

The Raycome Laser Knee Massager is a good example of how blood flow can be useful in laser therapy. When it is worn around an injured knee, laser irradiation and 3D vibration stimulate cells and spark blood flow. The massaging vibration on the soft tissue and knee joint also offers pain relief for arthritis and similar challenges.

Analgesic Effect

Pain reliefed after laser treatment helping the neuro system

One of the most effective ways to address pain is by blocking the transmission of pain. When a source of pain is irradiated during laser therapy, an analgesic impact is experienced. Laser beams work to reduce the rate, frequency, and strength of the pain signals from the central nervous system.

The analgesic effect is made more powerful by the targeted nature of laser therapy. For example, the Raycome Pain Relief Laser has a probe that can be fixed at the site of injury. An added advantage of this feature is that it offers you flexibility during your pain relief session.

Reducing Inflammation

Whenever there is an inflammation in your body, phagocytes act as soldiers to fight it. They do this by ingesting pathogens that are causing harm to your system. 

Phagocytes are among the cells whose activity can be spurred by the use of laser therapy. Basically, your body gets an extra boost to assist deal with the inflammation faster and save you from being in pain for longer.

Consider nail inflammations which are becoming common due to different manicure trends and shared instruments. Innovations such as the Raycome Nail Laser Fungus Device can offer you quick relief from the pain and the inflammation. All you have to do is place it on the affected finger as you go about your day.


Blood condition before and after laser treatment

You can be on a healthy diet and still be malnourished if nutrients are not being properly absorbed into your body. One of the reasons this can happen is due to illness. 

Laser therapy can stimulate the synthesis of ATP which is an essential component of blood. It is a source of energy in the human body through nutrients. When there is not enough ATP in the blood it means your body will have poor nutrient absorption.

Malabsorption of nutrients leads to deficiencies of important nutrients such as calcium which is important for bones. Some of the most prevalent causes of pain are bone-related thereby making it crucial to maintain their health as much as possible. Further, poor nutrition results in longer recovery times and prolonged pain.


Portable electrotherapy device
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The method used for electrotherapy is referred to as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS).

In terms of pain management, it has been used to ease anguish since the 19th century. The technology back then though can hardly be compared to the devices available today. They are much smaller, portable, and safer.

Electrotherapy is based on the assertions of the “gate control theory of pain“. In summary, the theory asserts that there is a sort of gate between nerves in pain and those that are not in pain. The solution is thus to close the gate so as to prevent the transmission between the two. 

Electrotherapy electrodes being placed on a person's arm
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The transmission of pain is stopped by using a low-voltage electric current to create non-painful sensations. The sensation from the electric current is more powerful than the painful sensations in your body. As a result, it overrides them, and pain is no longer transmitted thereby providing relief.

Some electrotherapy treatments are performed in hospitals but there are devices for home use. They come with electrodes that are placed on the region of pain and a battery power source that supplies the current.


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Physiotherapy entails a series of guided exercises that can help with pain in various muscles and extremities. A trained physiotherapist can manipulate parts of your body through stretches or you can be the one to do all the work under their instruction. The two options, passive and active physiotherapy respectively, are chosen depending on your injury or condition.

There are many therapies that you can undertake alongside physiotherapy. They include thermotherapy where heat is used to relax muscles and lessen stiffness which causes pain. The heat can be applied using heating pads or steaming. Alternatively, you could opt for hydrotherapy which involves getting into a pressurized pool of water. The motion of the water is soothing and pain-relieving.

It is important to pace yourself when taking part in hydrotherapy. Rest when you need to and use supportive devices if you need relief between exercises.


Acupuncturist inserting a needle into a patient's hand
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The science behind acupuncture is that it aims to stimulate nerves to send signals to the brain. In response to the nerve stimulation, the brain is expected to produce endorphins which are in essence, natural painkillers. The points of needle insertion are studied and particularly chosen to bring about this effect. It is not an arbitrary process.

It is advisable to seek the services of a certified professional should you choose to give acupuncture a try.

Prevalent Pains of Modern Living and How to Manage Them

Modern living has its perks which make life convenient but also have their challenges. Unfortunately, one of these challenges is pains that are becoming increasingly common even in younger people. They include:

Back Pain

Man with his hands on his lower back
Source: Unsplash

The average person spends hours sitting in front of one screen or another. Computers, televisions, and gaming consoles are the most common culprits. It is no surprise then that backache is one of the reasons why most people seek pain relief. 

Long hours without stretching and possibly sitting on a chair with no lumbar support is bound to hurt your back. Posture plays a big role in the health of your back. Therefore, it is critical that you have a proper chair with ample support to avoid straining your spine and back muscles.

Stretching through exercise or taking walks in between work tasks is more beneficial than you give it credit for. It gives your muscles a chance to relax which in turn saves you from aches at the end of the day. Pain-relieving options such as heating pads or laser therapy sessions are equally helpful.

Waist Pain

Raycome waist massager

The waist is directly linked to the lower back therefore pain in your lower back region radiates to your waist. Most activities involving motion and weight lifting exert pressure on the lower back. It is thus easy to injure this part of you back which may result in:

  • A compression fracture

  • Herniated discs

  • Joint dysfunction in the sacroiliac or facet joints

Finding the right remedy for your waist pain requires investigation so as to establish what hurts and why. Always seek to have your lower back well supported and comfortable during vigorous activities and even when resting. Waist care massage devices may be helpful for chronic pain and issues like spinal curvature. They provide relief and can be used on the go.

Knee Pain

Raycome knee care massager

Weight bears on the knee joint and can result in pain. To avoid this, consider using nutrition and exercises to not only manage your weight but to also strengthen your limbs. Wearing the right kind of shoes also ensures that your knees are not strained while supporting your weight. Whereas you may favor high-heels, consider switching to low-heeled shoes from time to time to rest your knees.

Athletes need shoes that can help them prevent sliding and subsequent injury. Athletic knee support is also endorsed to lessen the probability of strain, sprain, and injuries like ACL tears.

Regular exercise for all ages and proper nutrition with omega 3 can make a big difference for your knees. However, age is inevitable as well as injury. A knee massager can help alleviate your knee joint pain and promote faster healing for injuries.


The absence of pain is arguably one of the key indicators of wellness. It allows you to live your life without discomfort and be more productive. That said, when pain does occur it is crucial that it is handled in a way that will offer relief but that is also safe. 

Choosing to handle pain without medication is a noble choice. It may not always be quick and easy but your body will benefit from it in many ways in the long-run. Furthermore, given all the risks and disclaimers being issued by pharmaceutical companies, more wholesome approaches are certainly more preferable.

How To Record Your Blood Pressure During COVID-19

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The COVID19 pandemic has engulfed the world and affected virtually every aspect of life.  The pandemic demands safety measures like social distancing, wearing masks, and not leaving the house unnecessarily. Such measures, while helpful in curbing the spread of the virus, can be tricky for people suffering from various chronic illnesses as they need to frequently see a doctor.

One common illness that requires regular checkups is Hypertension, commonly known as blood pressure. It is mandatory for a patient suffering from this disease to get their blood pressure checked periodically so they can manage their health better.

In this article, we will be discussing ways of measuring blood pressure at home, saving yourself from exposure to the general public.

Table of Contents

How To Measure Your Blood Pressure With a BP Apparatus

Doctor measuring Blood Pressure of the patient
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In order to check your BP yourself you will have to buy a home blood pressure monitor. There are two kinds of BP apparatus; manual and digital. Blood pressure monitors manufacturers have done a good job at making BP apparatus simple and easy to use, so you will have no problem checking your BP at home. The following is the detail of how to use each type of BP machine.

Using Manual BP Apparatus

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The manual BP apparatus device includes a cuff that wraps around the arm, a rubber squeeze bulb, and a gauge that monitors the blood pressure. A gadget known as a stethoscope is required to listen to the blood pulsing inside the artery. Here’s how to use it:

  • Find a quiet place and sit in a comfy chair. Rest for more than five minutes.

  • Make sure your arm is in line with your heart and your legs are not crossed, improper posture can add error to the reading.

A BPM in Use2
Source: Pixabay

  • Take out the stethoscope and the cuff.

  • Find your brachial artery. This is the artery that runs across the length of the arm and is used to listen for blood pressure. It is located in the bend of the arm and you can find it by tracing the area with two fingers until you feel a big artery.

Position of the brachial artery
Source: autoprac.com

  • Wrap the cuff 2 inches above the bend of the arm. Make sure the arrow of the cuff sits on top of the brachial artery. Place the dial somewhere you can clearly see it.

  • Take out the stethoscope and put it on, and put the other end of the stethoscope on the brachial artery under the cuff.

Placing stethoscope under cuff
Source: healthworldjournal.com

  • Press the pump to gradually inflate the cuff while looking at the dial. Keep inflating until the dial reaches almost 130-150, then slowly deflate while listening for a sound. The second you hear a sound, note down the number that the needle is on. This is your systolic BP.

  • Keep deflating until you no longer hear a sound. At that point, note the number the needle is on. This is the diastolic pressure.

Reading the dial of BP apparatus
Source: largemandental.com

Depending on the sphygmomanometer manufacturer, this process can take one to five minutes.

Blood pressure is noted as a fraction of systolic over diastolic. Normal BP is 120/80mmHg. Compare your reading to normal and note if it is higher or lower.

After noting the BP, you can take off the deflated cuff and store it with the other apparatus for future use.

Here is a video showing you how to check BP at home using manual home BP machines.

Using Digital BP Apparatus


Digital BP monitor manufacturers have truly made checking BP very easy. You do not have to do any pumping and the screen automatically shows your BP reading. You will be shocked at how compact the bp apparatus companies have managed to make their products. Here is how to use one:

  • Sit on a chair with feet aligned to the ground.

  • Place your arm on a flat surface and make sure your palm is facing up.

Proper placement of arm for bp check with digital apparatus
Source: Freepik

Put on the cuff of the digital bp apparatus, make sure its tube is on top of the arm-bend, not on the opposite side, touching the elbow.

Press the start button on the machine and you will feel it inflate. Just sit still for a few minutes and you will feel it deflate. Do not make any movements during this.

Once the cuff deflates, you will be able to see the readings of both systolic and diastolic pressure on the LED screen of the digital machine. 

raycome pulsewave BP monitor

If you face problems while using the BP machine, consider changing the blood pressure monitor supplier, because only low-quality machines are hard to use. The PulseWave blood pressure monitor is famous for its advanced technology. This an innovative technology (not Oscillometric method), using dual-balloons/sensors technology (instead of other single balloons/sensor ordinary digital blood pressure devices) and continuous measurement of multi-point pressure between pulses to achieve the most accurate measurement during the record of the accurate real state of blood flow. It was called the most accurate BP device. A rechargeable Lithium battery saves costs for users. Remember the best digital blood pressure monitors for home use are the ones that are easy to master and give consistently accurate readings.

Here is a video showing you how to use digital blood pressure monitors for home use:

How To Measure Your Blood Pressure at Home Without Apparatus

Digital monitors available in the market give you readings of both heart rate and blood pressure but if you don’t have the apparatus you can still measure your heart rate by checking your pulse by hand. Pulse is an estimate of the number of times your heart beats in one minute. For checking correctly, you need to locate the radial artery below the thumb on the inside of the forearm and place your finger there. Count the beat for 15 seconds and multiply by 4 to get your resting heart rate.

Source: Freepik


Once you purchase a blood pressure monitor machine for home use, it will become easy for you to check your blood pressure regularly at your home. Most blood pressure monitor suppliers include a comprehensive user guide with their products so will be able to figure out how to use them. When measuring blood pressure at home remember to note down your readings so you know when to seek advice from your doctor. Regular monitoring of your blood pressure, exercise, and eating right will ensure your heart stays healthy and happy.

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Best Blood Pressure Monitors Manufacturers in the UK

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Blood Pressure is an indicator of health. BP being too high or too low blood pressure can be an indicator of heart diseases or other underlying health problems.

It is important to keep a BP apparatus at home so, in case of any abnormality, immediate help can be sought. There are many manufacturers of BP apparatus in the UK. For the sake of your own or your patients’ health, it is important to buy the best one.

The following are some bp apparatus companies based in the UK.

Table of Contents

Boots UK

Boots Company Logo Text
Source: boots-uk.com

Boots UK is a company based in and spread all across the United Kingdom. Boots is one of the leading health and beauty retailers and has been in the industry for the past 170 years. The company has different sub-leading brands including No.7, Soap and Glory and Liz Earle. Boots is best known for its pharmaceuticals and the company prides itself in catering to everyone’s health needs.

Boots specializes in manufacturing its own products and has its oldest factory in Nottingham which was established in 1885.  Amongst the many items manufactured at Boots, their home blood pressure kits are the most prominent ones and have achieved a global status over the years.

Kinetik Well Being

Kinetik Well Being Company Logo
Source: kinetikwellbeing.com

Kinetik Well Being is a UK based manufacturer of many medical supplies. Their catalog includes home blood pressure kits, thermometers, respiratory devices, hearing aids, fitness monitors, etc. All Kinetik Well Being products are Class IIa approved, which means they meet all the standards and are trusted by medical professionals. So you can be sure of the durability, ease-of-use, and most importantly, the accuracy of their machines.

The Kinetik Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a handy device that is very easy to use. It is perfect for the elderly who are not that well-versed in technology but need to constantly manage their BP. Checking the blood pressure with the wrist apparatus only takes the push of a single button. The wrist bp machine does not include a cuff as it can easily be worn on the arm itself, but Kinetik’s other BP machines all come with a very durable and comfortable cuff.


Raycome Company Logo Text

Founded in 2008, Raycome specializes in the production and selling of blood pressure monitors. Raycome has gained international acclaim because of the extensive research that goes into their products. In 2011, Raycome introduced the 4th generation Pulsewave BP monitor with dual balloons/sensors technology. The sensors technology helps in detecting the various pressure points to measure results accurately. Such precision-enhancing technology ensures that Raycome produces the best automatic blood pressure monitor for home use and hospital use.


Source: duronic.com

Based in the UK, Duronic is a consumer brand that was launched in 2005. Duronic has become a household name in the United Kingdom and has customers all across Europe. 

The company’s efforts towards sustainability and recycling distinguishes itself from its competitors. With courier access to over 200 countries, Duronic’s bp checking machines at home are in the most demand.

How To Check BP At Home

A Person Checking Blood Pressure at Home
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Now that you know some manufacturers of the best digital blood pressure monitors for home use you should also know how to use a bp machine.

  • Before measuring your BP, avoid all kinds of exertion such as workouts and exercise. Do not take drugs and do not drink prior to checking blood pressure.

  • Sit and relax for 5 minutes before you actually measure your blood pressure.

  • Wrap the cuff around your arm by following your apparatus’s guide book.

  • For a manual apparatus, inflate the bulb and for an automatic one, simply turn the device on.

  • Take your systolic (top) and diastolic (bottom) readings. Standard blood pressure is considered to be 120/80mmHg.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to do this


Keeping an eye on your blood pressure is the gateway to a healthier life. Observing your bp regularly can help you and your doctor in monitoring your health and noting even the slightest changes. Keeping an eye on your blood pressure will also make you aware of the lifestyle changes that you need to make to lead a healthier life. For example, consistently high readings of BP are an indicator that you need to care for your heart health and avoid oily foods.

Good habits like exercising at least four times a week, staying active, and saying no to a sedentary life also ensures a healthy life. Avoiding junk and processed foods help in maintaining your blood pressure and as a result, keep the cardiovascular diseases at a bay. Invest in a good bp apparatus and keep an eye on your readings.

Best Sphygmomanometer For Doctors

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A sphygmomanometer is an instrument used to measure blood pressure by medical professionals and paramedics. It consists of a cuff, a measuring device, a bulb, and a valve. The cuff is an inflatable armband wrapped on the patients’ brachial artery.  With the help of the bulb, the air is pumped into the cuff. The valve helps in releasing the pressure from the cuff and the pressure is detected with the help of a measuring device.

Doctors frequently measure the blood pressure of patients using a sphygmomanometer because it is an indicator of the status of the person’s health. Early detection of high blood pressure is very important as it can be an indicator of serious problems like heart disease. While hospital-grade blood pressure monitors are heavy-duty and very accurate, they are also bulky and doctors prefer carrying much smaller sphygmomanometers.

The following are some of the most top-rated blood pressure monitors designed for use by doctors.

Table of Contents


A manual BP Cuff
Source: Pinterest

The PARAMED BP Cuff can be used by people of any build because it has a very comfortable and long cuff of 22-42 cm. It is definitely worth the money because of its reliability. It measures both systolic and diastolic readings with great accuracy and is made of high-quality material. 


It is very portable and doctors can easily carry it around with them while taking rounds of the wards. Made up of latex-free material, this BP cuff is surely a blessing for patients who are prone to latex and other allergens. This bp apparatus is FDA approved.

GreaterGoods Manual BP Machine

Manual BP machine by GreaterGoods
Source: Pinterest

This sphygmomanometer is designed very thoughtfully to ensure easy handling of the instrument without compromising on the style. The dial of this sphygmomanometer has very large numbers which make it easy to read.

The cuff is lined with a very soft fabric so that the patient feels comfortable. The cuff also has artery indicator and D-ring that helps in positioning and fastening arm respectively, this is very helpful for doctors in training. It is made of high-quality latex-free material. This manual BP machine comes with a storage case that ensures the safety of the instrument. Being an overall high quality and accurate instrument, it is approved by the FDA for medical applications.

RBP-6700 by Raycome

Automatic BP Machine By Raycome

This is a pocket-size sphygmomanometer that can be easily used by the doctors during ward rotations. Along with its portability, the precision of its readings makes it one of the top blood pressure monitors for doctors. The accuracy of this instrument is up to +-2mmHg. All Raycome products are made with the latest technology called PulseWave. This is an innovative technology (not Oscillometric method), using dual-balloons/sensors technology (instead of other single balloons/sensor ordinary digital blood pressure devices) and continuous measurement of multi-point pressure between pulses to achieve the most accurate measurement during the record of the accurate real state of blood flow. It was called the most accurate BP device. A rechargeable Lithium battery saves costs for users.

The battery of this device is made up of lithium and offers a very large capacity. A fully charged battery can last up to 300 uses. It has a large screen so the readings of BP and pulse are very easy to read. The device also offers human voice reminders that help in using the instrument properly by following correct instructions.

Palm Sphygmomanometer 703 by ADC Diagnostix

Palm Sphygmomanometer 703 by ADC Diagnostix
Source: Pinterest

Most of the time, nurses are responsible for noting the patients’ vitals using the hospital bp monitor. But sometimes, during an emergency, doctors might need to check the vitals of a lot of patients at the same time. For such situations, the handheld sphygmomanometer 703 by ADC Diagnostix is very helpful.  It is smaller in size which means doctors can easily carry it in their lab coat pocket and take it out when needed.

This instrument has a pressure-sensitive trigger system for releasing the air out of the valve and you can control how fast or slow the cuff deflates. This sphygmomanometer has a luminescent dial and can be used in the dark. The gauge is made up of plastic and is easier to clean. All of these features are the reason ADC Diagnostix is one of the best blood pressure monitor suppliers.

Pocket Sphygmomanometer 700 by ADC Diagnostix

Pocket Sphygmomanometer 700 by ADC Diagnostix
Source: Pinterest

The ADC Diagnostix offers a lifetime warranty and a 3-year inflation system warranty on this sphygmomanometer, this speaks to the blood pressure monitor manufacturer’s confidence in the longevity of the machine. The air releasing valve of its inflation system is made of brass and has micro-threads which allow doctors to have precise control over the deflation. For preventing the build-up of dust inside the valve, it has a filter screen.

There are size guide markings on the cuff to prevent any kind of miss-cuffing. This feature is really important for the comfort of patients. The dial of this sphygmomanometer is luminescent with large numerals on it, so it can be read in very dim light. The testing, inspection, assembly, and packaging is carried out in the USA to ensure the best quality of the instruments.

Premium Sphygmomanometer by MDF Instruments

Premium Sphygmomanometer by MDF Instruments
Source: mdfinstruments.com

MDF Instruments is a bp machine company that is trusted by health professionals for the accuracy and durability of its products. Doctors cannot afford to use poorly calibrated instruments which is why this sphygmomanometer comes with an accuracy of +-3mmHg.

To ensure the comfort of patients, the cuff is made of high polymer nylon and also has an artery indicator for proper placement of the cuff. MDF Instruments provides a sphygmomanometer at very affordable prices without compromising on the quality. Their products are manufactured very carefully so that they can be used over the years without being damaged.


We have listed some top-rated sphygmomanometers from which you can choose one that fits your needs. You should never compromise on the quality of an instrument especially when you are related to a medical field because someone’s life is in your hands. The better the quality, better the accuracy of the instrument. With accurate readings, you can make a proper diagnosis of your patients’ conditions.

Best Blood Pressure Monitors Manufacturers in India

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It is necessary to regulate your blood pressure even if you think you are healthy. Modern-day sedentary lifestyle has certainly made lives easier but it often takes a toll on health. Keeping an eye on your blood pressure can save you from various health troubles such as cardiovascular diseases.

It is not possible to frequently run to a hospital for something as minor as getting your bp checked. Hence, blood pressure checking often gets skipped when one is busy or staying home. That is why it is important to keep a blood pressure monitor at home which will keep your blood pressure in check.

There are many BP monitor manufacturers all over the world. The following are the best blood pressure monitor manufacturers from India

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K R Enterprises, Jaipur

KR Enterprises Logo Text

KR Enterprises is one of the emerging businesses in India. Established in 2012, KR enterprises is based in Jaipur, Rajhastan. The company is a relatively new one but it has established itself as a respectable business in just a few years.

KR Enterprises is mainly known for the quality of their electronics, home and kitchen appliances which means that being a blood pressure monitors manufacturer is only one part of their impressive portfolio. KR’s blood pressure monitors are known for their reliability and the company takes great pride in producing them.

Universe Surgical Equipment, Chennai

Universal Surgical Equipment Logo Text
Source: medicallabequipments.com

Universal Surgical Equipment is a manufacturing company founded in 2013. The Universal Surgical Equipment deals in medical equipment, surgical equipment, hospital furniture, hospital beds, lab equipment, surgical instruments and physiotherapy equipment are to name a few.

The company has also established a name for itself as a reliable bp apparatus company. The professionally trained and highly equipped staff at Universal Surgical Equipment ensures that their clients get the best.

Elanor Surgicals, Delhi

Elanor Surgicals Logo Text
Source: elanorsurgicals.in

Elanor Surgicals is a manufacturing company based in Delhi. The company was established in 2017 with a mission to work for the family well-being. Elanor Surgicals supplies medical products and equipment to numerous industries. The company distinguishes itself from its competitors by making biodegradable and disposable products.

Apart from manufacturing other products, Elanor Surgicals is also known as a bp machine company. It is because their bp monitors are in high demand.

Hicks Thermometers India Limited, Aligarh

Hicks Thermometers India Limited Logo Text
Source: www.hickscare.com

Hicks Thermometer India is currently leading the industry when it comes to manufacturing products like medical instruments, surgical, diagnostic and healthcare products. The company is also a well-known blood pressure monitor supplier. The efficiency of their blood pressure monitors has made Hicks Thermometer India a household name.

Delite Surgicals, Chennai


Delite Surgicals was established in 2008 and since then the company has been engaged in supplying and exporting a variety of medical and hospital products. The company prides itself in being a client-centric organization and it is because of this niche, elite Surgicals has been able to appear among the top sphygmomanometer suppliers.

Delite Surgicals produces sphygmomanometers and manufactures them at a customer-friendly price.


Raycome Company Logo Text

Raycome was founded in 2008 and in a short span of time, the company has been able to establish itself in the global market. The company specializes in selling and manufacturing the best digital blood pressure monitors.

In 2011, Raycome introduced their 4th Generation Pulsewave blood pressure monitor. The pulse-wave monitors differentiate themselves because of the presence of dual balloon technology in them. The dual balloon technology enables the device to detect many pressure points simultaneously and hence gives the most accurate results. The precision and accuracy of the bp monitors produced by Raycome ensure correct results consistently.


Your blood pressure readings indicate your lifestyle choices. Checking your blood pressure regularly can help you maintain your health. Bp regulation can also assist you in detecting any kind of heart disease at an early stage.

When looking for reliable blood pressure machine manufacturers make sure that the company fulfills international standards and uses the latest technologies because when it comes to health, you should never make a compromise.


Best Blood Pressure Monitors Manufacturers in Canada

Source : Raycome

Medical devices are one of Canada’s many exports. The medical device manufacturing sector in Canada employs more than 35 thousand people in the 1500 factories. The industries manufacture all the items with great consideration so that well-calibrated and precise instruments are provided to the customers.

Canadian companies manufacture many kinds of BP machines from heavy-duty apparatuses to light-weight and easy to handle digital BP monitors. BP machines are used in hospitals by doctors and nurses for the daily check-up of patients. Home-based machines are also available so that people can easily monitor their BP at home

Due to the exponential increase in the cases of hypertension over the past few years, sphygmomanometers are in great demand. Responding to the need for blood pressure monitors, Canada is selling high-quality bp apparatus worldwide. If you’re looking for a blood pressure device, here are some of the best ones.

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AMG Medical logo
Source: amgmedical.com

Founded in 1974, AMG Medical is a manufacturer and distributor of medical products used in hospitals, clinics, and homes. They are also aneroid sphygmomanometer manufacturers and provide the best sphygmomanometers for health professionals. They also supply surgical equipment to hospitals.

MedPro, ProActive, Ultra-blok are some of their core brands. The company is located in Montreal and has over 200 employees that manage the manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of the products.

BIOS Medical logo
Source: kbiosmedical.com

Established in 1987 as blood pressure meter manufacturers, BIOS Medical takes pride as a trusted brand for Canadians. They have been providing quality products for over 30 years. They manufacture medical instruments like BP apparatus, thermometers, stethoscopes, vaccine thermometers, and barometers. Along with this they also manufacture shape-wear, exercise tracker, pedometer, home monitoring devices, household aids, food scales, and much more.

All of their products are manufactured under the supervision of well-trained engineers to ensure the quality of products. They also hold a license from Health Canada Establishment which validates the accuracy and durability of their supplies. The best thing is the eco-friendly packaging of their products because they believe that everyone should lend a hand in saving the planet.

Rexall Pharmacy Group Ltd. Logo
Source: www.rexall.ca

Rexall is one of the most reliable and well-reputed pharmacy brands in Canada. Founded in 1904, the company has made a revolution in the world of pharmacy with its high-quality products.

They have a workforce of 7300 employees that are exceptionally devoted to the well being of Canadians and provide the right medications to thousands of customers across Canada. Rexall has been in the medical supplies game for almost 100 years now, and this shows their reliability and the trust that people have in them. Their catalog includes products related to medicine, health, and beauty.

Along with this, they are sphygmomanometer suppliers whose products are used by doctors and paramedics. They offer a lifetime warranty on all of their blood pressure monitors and their bp machine cost is also very affordable.

PharmaSmart Canada Corp. Logo
Source: pharma-smart.com

PharmaSmart is one of the leading pharmacy brands in Canada. Over the years they have managed to maintain a good reputation in the industry. This blood pressure monitor wholesale company was founded with the goal of supplying advanced BP monitors that can be used easily by everyone.

The company was established in 1933, and since then it is trusted by its customers for exceptional services. PharmaSmart is definitely a great asset to the pharma world.


Raycome Company Logo Text

The company was established in April 2008 with the aim of serving people with modern and innovative technology. They manufacture blood pressure monitors and laser therapy products. The team members of this company have comprehensive knowledge about both technology and medicine. Their products are carefully manufactured under the supervision of well-trained experts in the field.

Raycome manufactures the best digital blood pressure monitors for home use. This an innovative technology (not Oscillometric method), using dual-balloons/sensors technology (instead of other single balloons/sensor ordinary digital blood pressure devices) and continuous measurement of multi-point pressure between pulses to achieve the most accurate measurement during the record of the accurate real state of blood flow. It was called the most accurate BP device. A rechargeable Lithium battery saves costs for users. They provide a  bp apparatus manual with all of their products, this enables customers to understand the basic usage of the machine quickly. 

Their catalog includes bp monitors for home, doctors, and hospitals. They offer amicable customer service because they believe that the satisfaction of customers should be the goal of any kind of firm or business.


In this article, we have listed some of the leading blood pressure monitor manufacturers based in Canada. It is important to understand your requirements before buying any BP machine either for hospital or home use. It is also crucial to ensure that the company has required certificates from different health departments like FDA, Health Canada Establishment, etc prior to buying any kind of supplies.


Top 10 Digital Blood Pressure Monitors

Source : Pixabay

It would not be too far-fetched at all to refer to digital blood pressure monitors as one of the most innovative technological creations in the medical world in the last two decades. They have transformed how people deal with hypertension with very positive results. In the past, manual blood pressure monitors were all we had, and that required a doctor to be present.

With digital BP monitors, all you need is a manual, and you are good to go. With the demand for them on the rise, many BP apparatus companies are releasing newer and better versions every day. This broad array of choices can be a little too much for the consumer trying to decide the one to go for, putting in mind all the factors you have to consider first. To make your search easier, here is a detailed compilation of the best digital blood pressure monitors in the market right now.

Table of Contents

PulseWave Blood Pressure Monitor

raycome blood pressure monitor

The PulseWave blood pressure monitor is a product of a company called Raycome that is renowned for its high-tech medical devices. This an innovative technology (not Oscillometric method), using dual-balloons/sensors technology (instead of other single balloons/sensor ordinary digital blood pressure devices) and continuous measurement of multi-point pressure between pulses to achieve the most accurate measurement during the record of the accurate real state of blood flow. It was called the most accurate BP device. A rechargeable Lithium battery saves costs for users.

The device is used in over 40 countries across the world, proof that it is reliable even among doctors.

Best Features

  • It has very high accuracy levels when it comes to reading BP measurements.

It has a mobile app that adds support for easier use.

  • Supports wireless transmission that gives you the luxury of sending the data to your doctor or to the cloud storage.

  • It is portable and has a very sleek design.

It is clinically validated for home use.


  • It is a bit too advanced for many people. The steep learning curve may take a while for someone to familiarize themselves with.


CareTouch BPM
Source: Pinterest

CareTouch is a wrist-cuff blood pressure monitor with an accuracy of about +3mmHg, which is pretty decent for this type of machine. It has a clear LED display that is backlit and shows readings in beautiful and legible fonts, visible even when in sunlight. The device also has a tracker that keeps tabs on the heartbeat, sending alerts once it detects an irregular one. 

The memory storage can store up to 60 readings, which, although not as big as it should be, can store enough data that can be used for a full diagnosis. The device takes about 60 seconds to take the blood pressure and present the results.

Best Features

  • It has a large LCD with a backlight.

  • It comes equipped with an irregular heartbeat detector.

  • It is fast. It takes about a minute to show results

  • It has a compact shape; it is portable and easy to use.


  • Like most wrist monitors, it is not very accurate.

  • At 60 readings, the storage could be better.

  • It has an auto-shutdown feature that can be disruptive at times.

Generation Guard

A blood pressure machine
Source: Pinterest

Generation Guard is an arm-cuff BP monitor that has a straightforward design and a size that allows it to be carried around without feeling the weight. The device is best positioned about 2.5 cm from the elbow for the best results. It functions by taking account of the systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings on top of keeping tabs on irregular heartbeat patterns.

It comes laden with a large display screen, a carrying case, and its own set of batteries. It can store up to 90 readings.

Best Features

  • It is pretty accurate as it measures the systolic and diastolic pressures.

  • It has an irregular heartbeat detector, which is a life-saving feature.

  • The arm cuff is adjustable.

  • It is portable.


  • Users have complained about the tightness of the cuff once it inflates and starts taking readings.

  • It has subpar calibrations.


An Arm Wearing a MOCACuff BPM
Source: Pinterest

MOCACuff is another wrist monitor that is, without doubt, the most stylish in the whole list. The device that usually comes in black works differently than other monitors. Instead of squeezing the wrist, it measures the blood pressure when the user simply wears it like a watch, nothing more. For this reason, they are more comfortable to use since many people do not like the feeling of their arms and wrists getting squeezed that hard.

It can store up to 99 readings and can be linked to a mobile app through Bluetooth connectivity. MOCACuff can also detect an irregular heartbeat and even has a color-coded indicator that flashes different colors if anything is wrong.

Best Features

  • It can store up to 99 readings, which is a decent score for a wrist monitor.

  • It comes equipped with wireless syncing.

  • It is compatible with both Android and IOS.

  • It is easy to use and small enough to be carried around.


  • Accuracy is not that impressive but can be increased slightly by holding it close to the chest or bending the arm inwards.


A blood pressure machine
Source: Pinterest

HealthSmart is a wrist blood pressure monitor that is a product of the HealthSmart company. With a storage capacity of 120 readings, the device is quite good for a wrist monitor since many do not come with enough memory. To boost its accuracy, the machine uses the averaging technique where it combines your last three readings before displaying the conclusive result.

It comes with a large backlit screen that is clear enough, thanks to its high-contrast feature. On top of keeping track of your heart rate, the device also measures the systolic and diastolic pressure of the blood.

It has a digital clock and a calendar on the screen for the user’s convenience as well as a voice function that can either be set for English or Spanish.

Best Features

  • The memory storage has a 120-readings holding capacity.

  • It can detect irregular heartbeats.

  • It is decently accurate.

  • It can run both on batteries or an AC adapter.

  • It is lightweight, compact, and easy to use.

  • Has a voice feature that dictates instructions when needed.


  • It is too large and bulky for a wrist monitor.

  • The backlit display goes off after every reading, which makes it hard for that data to be saved.

Welch Allyn

A blood pressure machine
Source: image.tigermedical.com

Welch Allyn is an arm-cuff blood pressure monitor that is among the most popular in the United States. It is estimated that 9 out of every 10 doctors use it in their daily measurements of patients in their hospitals. So what exactly makes it such a hit? First is the speed; it takes only about 30 seconds for the monitor to collect all the necessary data and display it.

Secondly, you can share the data instantly to your doctor or your family members through a mobile app. The cuff is also adjustable, making it usable by people with more massive arms. Lastly, it only has a single button for all functions making it easy to operate.

Best Features

  • It has a large display screen with huge clear fonts.

  • It is super fast for an arm-cuff BP monitor, taking less than 30 seconds to complete measurements.

  • It has an excellent mobile app that allows for the instant sharing of data.

  • There is no discomfort when it inflates and squeezes the arm while taking readings.


  • It has no memory.

  • The mobile app sometimes is unable to sync properly with the device.


A BloodPressureX BP Monitor
Source: top10gadgets.shop

Another arm-cuff BP monitor that can be best described as the ultimate home use monitor in the market. BloodPressureX can be used multiple times in a single day to take as many readings as possible. This allows you to determine your blood pressure trend, giving you enough data to tell if you need medical attention or not.

It has a memory capacity of 180 readings, has a large display screen, and comes with its batteries as well as a direct line AC plug. It works by using the oscillometric method that entails the recording of rotations in the monitor cuff that is triggered by the oscillations of the blood flow.

Best Features

  • It is easy to use. It has a single button for all the main functions.

  • It has a storage capacity of 180 readings.

  • It has Bluetooth connectivity for syncing with mobile apps.

  • Runs on both batteries and AC power.


  • Strangely, the stocks of this device are very limited. It is almost impossible to find it in shops or online stores.

  • At $100, it is a bit costly.

Vive Precision Blood Pressure Monitor

Vive Precision Blood Pressure Monitor
Source: Pinterest

As far as storage capacity is concerned, this device is the king. With the capacity to store 500 readings, Vive Precision Blood Pressure Monitor is the ideal machine for taking prolonged readings that can be used to detect a trend. It comes with sizeable cuffs that can accommodate up to 16.5 inches of arm girth and has a very easy to use interface.

The device supports two users at 250 readings each, but it would serve you better if you use both options for yourself. The backlit display is big enough and displays readings in legible fonts.

Best Features

  • It has one of the biggest storage capacities in the market, with 500 readings.

  • It can detect irregular heartbeats.


  • Due to its large size, sometimes it malfunctions and gives inaccurate readings.

Lot Fancy Blood Pressure Monitor

Lotfancy Blood Pressure Monitor
Source: Pinterest

Lotfancy Blood Pressure Monitor is among the most economical devices you can come across. Despite its fair prices, it packs some top-of-the-range features like systolic and diastolic measurements that are integral for its general accuracy. It offers support for 4 users at 30 readings each and has an irregular heartbeat detector.

Best Features

  • It has a large display with a large number-font.

  • It is very lightweight.

  • Has an irregular heartbeat detector.


  • The calibration is not that good.

  • It is not as accurate as most of its competitors.

Balance Blood Pressure Monitor Kit

Balance Blood Pressure Monitor
Source: Pinterest

Balance Blood Pressure Monitor kit is a product by Greater Goods that has been highly rated by users around the world. It is an FDA-certified device that can support 2 users with 60 readings each. It uses batteries and an AC adapter as the power source, and it has pretty high accuracy levels.

Best Features

  • It comes with a 2-year warranty.

  • It is FDA-certified, which means it is highly efficient.

  • Can support up to 2 users.


  • The arm cuffs are too large for people with slender arms.


Blood pressure monitors are getting better with time. They are becoming more versatile with functions that go beyond taking stock of the blood pressure. Now they can even detect irregular heartbeats and other physiological defects that may escape the attention of your doctor. It, therefore, goes without saying that acquiring one is a must.

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, people with hypertension have been found to be the most vulnerable to the disease, never before has the need for home blood pressure kits been this vital.

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Blood Pressure Monitor 101

Source : Pixabay

Keeping tabs on your health is the best investment you can ever make in yourself and your family. Many people only visit the hospital when something has already gone wrong, and that should never be the case. Some diseases, like hypertension, have to be monitored at all times.

High blood pressure can negatively impact your life as it can limit many of the activities you are used to. It also opens up your body to other complications. BP monitors are the best solutions that can tackle hypertension head-on. Blood pressure monitor manufacturers have made great strides in meeting the increasing demand for home blood pressure kits. The technological advancements of the past decade has now made it possible for people to check their blood pressure as many times as they want from the comfort of their homes. Knowing where you stand healthwise helps you in properly planning your life.

Table of Contents

What Is a Blood Pressure Monitor?


A blood pressure monitor is a device that is used to measure blood pressure. To better understand what a BP monitor is, you have to know what blood pressure is and why it must be kept in check.

Blood pressure is the force that is exerted on the walls of the blood vessels by the blood as it flows through them as the heart pumps. The pressure exerted by the blood comes in two forms: Systolic and Diastolic.

Systolic is the blood pressure that is created when the heart contracts to pump blood around the body, while diastolic blood pressure is the one exerted between the heartbeats as the heart relaxes. This alternating between these two is what is ultimately referred to as the blood pressure. So why is it necessary to measure blood pressure?

Higher blood pressure is dangerous for your body. It exerts a strain on the heart, the blood vessels, and this can interfere with the proper way that blood gets distributed around your body. If all these organs are strained, you stand a risk of being hit with a myriad of health problems like heart attacks, dementia, kidney diseases, or a stroke.

What makes high blood pressure truly dangerous is that it is hard to detect without the use of a blood pressure monitor. Most people discover they have hypertension when they are on their hospital beds after suffering a stroke. This is the reason why having at least one in your home is very important.

How does a Sphygmomanometer Work?

An Aneroid Sphygmomanometer
Source : Pixabay

As earlier stated, a Sphygmomanometer measures the blood pressure. Before we explore how they work, you should get familiar with the different parts that make up a blood pressure monitor. They include the following:


A BPM Bladder
Source : Pinterest

This is the inflatable rubber bag that fits around the arm for compression. It is the part inside the cuff that gets filled with air. They come in different sizes and specific parameters. Each bladder has a check valve located at their ends that prevents the air from escaping or the entry of dust. Most are made from spin cast PVC.


A Manometer
Source : Pinterest

This is the part of the device that does the actual measurements of air pressure and is denoted by mmHg. In Aneroid BP devices, the manometer looks like a watch that has an indicator dial with number values written in a circle. As you pump the air into the cuff, the manometer is the part you observe to know if you have reached the required air pressure needed for the test.

The Cuff

A BPM Arm Cuff
Source : Pinterest

This is the part that is wrapped around the arm to get readings. It is the casing that houses the bladder allowing it to inflate and deflate as the air is pumped in and out during measurements. Being the most crucial part, the cuff has to be appropriately designed to fit the arm in the right position; otherwise, the data it collects will not be accurate.

The Bulb

BPM Bulb
Source : Pinterest

A bulb-shaped contraption made of rubber that is attached to the bladder through a rubber pipe. The bulb fruits inside the palm, and it is used to pump air into the bladder manually.

The Valve

A BPM Valve
Source : images-amazon.com

A deflation metal pin that is used to control the cuff. Tiny as it is, it is one of the major components that play a vital role in attaining accurate readings. Most valves are made out of brass and are plated with either nickel or chrome.


The Process

The procedures the precede the measuring of the blood pressure follows these steps:

  • The cuff is wrapped around the upper part of the arm at a position that is directly opposite to the location of the heart. The cuff should be able to fit the arm well since it needs to apply pressure all around for it to be able to measure any readings. The lower edge of the cuff should be about one inch above the antecubital fossa.

  • Once the cuff is in place, the stethoscope bell is lightly pressed against the brachial artery that is located just below the cuff’s edge. Locating it will be hard if you fail to position the cuff as instructed.

  • The next step involves the rapid inflation of the cuff using the rubber bell for manual BP monitor and or keying in the value for a digital monitor. The cuff should be inflated to about 180mmHg. After that is attained, the air is then released from the cuff at a constant rate of about 3mm/sec.

While the air is being released, the doctor listens intently to the stethoscope while observing the mercury gauge dial. The first sound that the Sphygmomanometer produces is called the Korotkoff. It is a knock-like sound that indicates the systolic blood pressure has been recorded. The moment the Korotkoff disappears; that is an indication that the diastolic pressure reading has been taken.

  • The same procedure is repeated for the next arm, and the values are compared. For a better result, the process can be repeated two to three times in one sitting with a few minutes separating the measurements. If the blood pressure reading is in the region of 180/120mmHg and above, then immediate medical attention is needed.

How to Use a Blood Pressure Monitor

A Blood Pressure Monitor

When it comes to homedics blood pressure monitors, the operation is much simpler than a manual one. In fact, anyone can conduct the test on their own without any help from a doctor. However, when performing the blood pressure test on your own, there are things you need first to do beforehand, they include the following:

  • If you have just eaten or taken alcohol, or smoked, give yourself 30-45 minutes before measuring your blood pressure. Going in straight after consuming any of the above can alter the actual condition of your blood pressure.

  • Make sure you are seated in a comfortable position with your legs and ankles uncrossed.

  • Ensure that the arm-area that will be covered by the cuff is free of anything. If you are in a long-sleeved shirt, then switch to another with short sleeves or entirely get rid of it.

  • Always make sure that the placement of the cuff is in the correct position as detailed in the instruction manual.

Having made the necessary preparations, proceed to the actual taking of the blood pressure measurements. The following are steps involved when using a digital BP monitor:

  • Start by turning on the power for the unit to start running. If the batteries are empty, then switch to an AC adapter if that option is available. It needs to be in full power mode.

  • Push the start button, and the cuff will inflate itself. Once the required inflation is attained, the cuff will again start releasing the air automatically.

As this is happening, keep your eyes on the display to get the readings as they flash across the screen in real-time. The diastolic and systolic blood pressures will then be recorded, and the final values displayed.

  • Once you are satisfied with the readings, simply press the exhaust button, and all the air will be released from the cuff.

  • If you would like to repeat the measurements, then space them out by waiting for about 5 minutes before repeating the whole process again.

Different Types of Blood Pressure Apparatus

A cutting-edge blood pressure minitor by Raycome

The best BP apparatus can be divided into two broad categories: Manual and Digital. Each category is further split into different other smaller groups depending on the nature of the BP monitor.

Manual Blood Pressure Monitors

These are sphygmomanometers that need a stethoscope to get readings. They do not have an automatic display screen; instead, the doctor listens to the palpitations through the stethoscope to make any conclusions. For this reason, manual BP monitors can only be used by experienced physicians. Two types of devices fall under this category:

Mercury Sphygmomanometers

A Mercury Sphygmomanometer
Source :Pinterest

This device uses a mercury column to indicate the pressure in the blood without any need for recalibration. Their readings are so accurate that they are usually referred to as the gold standards of blood pressure measuring devices in the medical world. Their accuracy comes in handy during clinical trials of drugs and when dealing with high-risk patients like pregnant women.

Aneroid Sphygmomanometers

An Aneroid BPM
Source :Pixabay

These are mechanical types of sphygmomanometers that are the most common. They use a stethoscope for most of their workings, and unlike their mercury counterparts, they need recalibration after every use. However, they are considered to be safer and cheaper than mercury sphygmomanometers, although their accuracy is slightly inferior.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitors

A Digital Wrist-Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor
Source :Pixabay

Digital BP monitors rely on electronic calculations and oscillometric measurements instead of auscultations. They are much easier to operate since most come with single buttons and display screens that show all the measurements. Some even go a step further and incorporate other features like Bluetooth connectivity that allows them to be linked to mobile apps.

All types of blood pressure monitors that employ the same principle fall under this group. Arm  BP monitors, Paediatric BP monitors, and Wrist BP monitors, just to mention a few, all fall under this group.

How to Choose a Blood Pressure Monitor

A Simple Blood Pressure Monitor
Source :Pixabay

When choosing the best BP monitor machine for home use, there are factors that you need to pay attention to. They include the following:

The Price: When you decide to buy a monitor for measuring blood pressure at home, make sure it is within your budget. It goes without saying that the best and the most accurate BP monitors cost a fortune. However, many other cheaper options in the market work just fine. Look around first and compare prices both online and in physical stores before settling on one.

Extra Accessories: You have the option of going for the simplest device in the market, the one that comes with a single button for all functions and an elaborate display. At the same time, you can choose to make your work much easier by going for a BP machine that has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. These features will allow you to link the devices to mobile apps and cloud storage.

Accuracy: A good BP monitor should be as accurate as possible; it should be able to operate on the same level as hospital BP machines. An inaccurate device will give the wrong readings making you think you are okay when you are not or sending you into a panic, assuming you are sick when you are okay. A misdiagnosis is as dangerous as the disease itself. Therefore make sure that the device you go for is on the higher side of accuracy.

Clinical Validation: Everybody feels much safer when they use products that come recommended by professionals. For instance, a hospital-grade blood pressure monitor that has received the mark of approval from most doctors is a better bet than the one that barely registers any attention from anyone. Before buying a BP Monitor make sure it has received the authoritative endorsement of the medical world.

The Brand: Devices made by established blood pressure monitor manufacturers hold more sway than little known brands—the bigger the brand, the higher the chance that the product in question is top grade. However, you will have to make peace with the possibility of paying a lot more than you would have for a different BP monitor.

Ease of Use: Compared to a hospital blood pressure machine, a home-use BP monitor should be much simpler both in operation and interpretation of data. The reason why these devices exist in the first place was to make it easier for people to conduct the tests themselves to reduce trips to the hospitals. A good BP monitor should be straightforward when it comes to operating it and understanding the measurement readings.

Factors that can Affect Blood Pressure Readings

A Blood Pressure Reading in Progress
Source :Pixabay

A Full Bladder

Your blood pressure depends on how full or how empty your bladder is. An empty bladder results in lower blood pressure, while a full one leads to higher blood pressure. A full bladder is known to increase systolic pressure by up to 15mmHg. Make sure you are empty before taking measurements.


Blood pressure increases when you are cold and decreases when conditions get warmer. If you find the room you are in a bit too chilly, then be aware that any blood pressure measurements you conduct will not reflect the real picture.

Being Too Active

When measuring blood pressure, you are supposed to be calm and rested. Do not move about too much or conduct the test while you are animatedly talking to someone. That is why it is recommended that the test is done while sitting. Too much activity increases the blood flow in the body, and this spikes the blood pressure unnecessarily.

Emotional State

Emotions like anger, anxiety, and stress can cause massive elevations of blood pressure. If you choose to have your pressure taken when you are in a state of agitation, the reading will not reflect the true state of your body’s condition.

Sitting Position

Blood pressure measurements are administered with the subject seated. The chair should be comfortable with the back supported. The legs and arms should be uncrossed so as not to constrict blood flow in some areas as this could spike the overall pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions When using a Blood Pressure Monitor

A FrequentlyAsked Questions Banner
Source :Pixabay

The need to know the finer details of blood pressure and everything else that pertains to the procedure is essential. Many people love to run online with their symptoms, frantically searching for answers. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about blood pressure monitors.

What Causes High Blood Pressure?

Obesity compounded with a lack of exercise and activity is the leading cause of high blood pressure among people these days. Other underlying triggers include genetics, old age, a poor diet, and general poor lifestyle habits like smoking and heavy drinking.

When should I start to get worried?

When using home blood pressure kits, you should immediately rush to the nearest hospital if the blood pressure readings are anywhere near or above 180/120 mmHg. This is what is referred to as the Hypertensive Crisis and is an indicator of a severe health problem waiting to erupt.

What is normal blood pressure?

Blood pressure is considered to be within normal parameters if you register a systolic pressure of 120 or below and a diastolic pressure of 80 and below. For babies, the readings should be in the 60-90/20-60 region.

What are some of the dangers of high blood pressure?

When hypertension is allowed to fester unchecked, you stand a high risk of being struck by a stroke or suffering a severe heart attack that can lead to death. Other risky conditions that are associated with high blood pressure include kidney issues, dementia, aneurysm, and loss of memory, among other issues. Those with hypertension also stand a higher risk of getting affected by other diseases like the current COVID-19.

Is high blood pressure treatable?

There are two ways of dealing with high blood pressure. The first one can be achieved through a change in lifestyle. You may have to drop all those habits that contribute to hypertension and embrace regular exercise and a proper diet. The other way is through drugs. Medicines used to treat hypertension include diuretics, ACE inhibitors, calcium channel blockers, among many others.


There is so much information pertaining to hypertension and the use of high blood pressure monitors to keep it in check. The emerging trend right now leans towards the use of BP checking machines at home. As more technologically advanced devices are released into the market, their prices are getting lower. For as little as $20, you can acquire a decent home blood pressure machine that is easily operable.

The bottom line is that your health is important, and it should take precedence ahead of everything else. There is so much that you can achieve in life when you are confident in your health. If you have been considering buying a BP monitor for home use, this is the time.

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