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High Blood Pressure has been a global scourge for a very long time, and all indications point to an increase in the number of cases among people as lifestyle habits change with time. The worst part of this condition is that it doesn’t have any known cure; the best one can do is manage it once they are diagnosed, and this is where the challenge begins. You have to watch what you eat, and you have to constantly monitor yourself using a blood pressure monitor.

Fortunately for those battling with hypertension, there are certain vitamins and supplements that can be used to better manage the condition safely without having to rely too much on medication. We will be looking at some of the vitamins recommended for people suffering from hypertension, explore their core benefits and how often they should be taken to stabilize things.

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Vitamin D

Red Meat
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It has been found across the board that people who suffer from high blood pressure lack sufficient Vitamin D in their bodies, and this undermines their ability to fight the condition on top of other related diseases that usually follow high blood pressure. Vitamin regulates the amount of calcium, phosphates, and salts in the body, the latter being the biggest culprit behind heightened blood pressure. The best sources of Vitamin D include oily fish, liver, egg yolks, fortified foods, and red meat. Increase the consumption of these foods and more to increase your Vitamin D levels in the body.

B Vitamins

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The class of B vitamins is broad and diverse, with several elements sourced from different foods, each with its own unique way of dealing with HBP. Vitamin B2, for instance, also known as riboflavin, has been found to be effective in adults who have the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene mutations that increase the likelihood of someone getting hypertension as they advance into adulthood.

Vitamin B9, also called folic acid, is another vital vitamin that helps people who are also struggling with heart-related diseases. It is recommended that people take a lot of the vitamins when they are young adults to reduce the chances of them developing high blood pressure once they grow up. Vitamin B6 has also been found to contain supplements that reduce hypertension, even in animals. Human experiments are yet to be conducted to determine the efficacy, but all indications point to the high possibility of it being as effective as the other Vitamin B forms.

Common sources of Vitamin B include cheese, milk, eggs, kidney, liver, oysters, dark green vegetables, among many others.

Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is probably the most widely known and the most common of all vitamins that are effective against many human body complications, hypertension included. The body can’t function without Vitamin C, and among its many vital functions, it has been found that having sufficient amounts of Vitamin C in the body significantly reduces the chances of getting hypertension, and if you already have it, it makes managing it much easier and bearable.

Some good sources of Vitamin C include strawberries, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, potatoes, black currants, and all types of citrus fruits. You can choose to eat them directly for the best results, or you can choose to blend them as juices and a host of other forms.


Melatonin Supplements
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Melatonin is a special hormone that is synthesized in the body with the help of certain vitamins. The hormone serves many functions in the body, with the primary one being promoting sleep, which in turn pacifies the blood pressure in the body. It has been found to bring relief to people who have acute hypertension when they take the hormone in the form of supplements.

Another study conducted by experts also found a possible link between low melatonin levels in women with an increased risk factor for developing high blood pressure. More research is being conducted in that area to find more answers and ways of making the melatonin hormone a potent weapon against high blood pressure.


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Potassium is another vital supplement that works hand in hand with vitamins and other elements to control the amount of sodium in the body. One of the many reasons why hypertension is a food-based issue is due to the continued high intake of salt, which destabilizes the blood pressure. Sometimes the kidneys are unable to properly get rid of the sodium, and once this accumulates in the body, trouble starts.

Potassium stimulates the body to increase the pace of expunging sodium from the body through urine to help blood vessels to relax. It can be taken in as supplement pills or directly by consuming food that is rich in potassium. Some of these foods include bananas, oranges, cantaloupes, spinach, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, peas, cucumbers, among many others.


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It is hard to properly describe how important magnesium is in the body; it is a cofactor in more than 300 body enzymes that control the many body functions. Basically, in a layman’s language, the body would collapse without this life-giving mineral. Hypertension is one of the many diseases that magnesium helps get under control. So how exactly does magnesium help regulate hypertension?

Magnesium works by stimulating the production of nitric oxide, which in turn leads to the blood vessels relaxing. It has been found that taking about 450mg of magnesium per day over four months by people suffering from acute high blood pressure reduces the effects of the condition by huge leaps. A further study also indicated that taking diets rich in magnesium every day for healthy people keeps them from developing high blood pressure in their later stages of life.

The best sources of magnesium include fish dishes like salmon, mackerel, pollock, and halibut. You can also increase your intake of vegetables like spinach, edamame, okra, and tamarind.


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Probiotics are essential bacteria that are found inside the stomach lining, and they play a wide range of vital roles in the body, dealing with hypertension being among them. People with low numbers of probiotics in their body, which can go down due to many reasons, drinking alcohol heavily being one of them, were found to be susceptible to developing high blood pressure compared to those that had enough of them.

The best external sources of probiotics are milk-based products like yogurt and other fermented products. You could also go with taking probiotic supplements to further boost your immunity and give your body the chance to properly manage high blood pressure.

Dealing with Hypertension

Hypertension Drugs
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High blood pressure has been linked to lifestyle habits, which means that it is a condition that can be avoided in the first palace for most people. And as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Before you end up relying on medication and supplements, you should first make the following changes in your habits

Eat healthy foods with limited salt. Increase your intake of vitamin-rich foods that are also high in potassium and magnesium. HBP patients are usually put on a special eating program called the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension that emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, and low-fat foods. Watch what you eat at all times.

You need to lay off alcohol completely. Healthy people are advised to limit their intake of alcohol, and for those that are already dealing with hypertension, touching alcohol is suicide. Alcohol gets absorbed into the blood directly, and this can alter the blood pressure within minutes, worsening an already bad situation.

Monitor yourself constantly. There’s handy enough technologically advanced blood pressure monitors that you can use as a BP check machine at home to keep track of your blood pressure as many times as you can to ensure you are on the safe side. Some even come with mobile apps like the BP Secretary App that lets you monitor yourself in real-time through the seamless interconnection between the smartphone and the BPM.

Keep your stress levels down as much as you can. Your mental state is like a time bomb when you are dealing with hypertension. If you are the type to lose their cool all the time, then you’ll have a hard time navigating through this condition. You have to lead a peaceful life away from the chaos and troublesome people. Any little stress will lead to your hypertension skyrocketing, and it could kill you.

Increase physical activity. High blood pressure goes hand in hand with obesity, and if you find yourself dealing with both, then your chances of survival drastically go down. You have to exercise as much as you can to cut down your body weight, and that will make it easier to deal with high blood pressure. Your blood vessels will become healthier and stronger enough to pump blood, countering the adverse effects of hypertension. If there’s a time in your life where you have to get that gym membership, that time would be now.


High blood pressure is a huge problem around the world, but it is not a death sentence. It may not have a direct cure, but there are many proven ways that you can implement in your life to make sure you manage it. As the leading BP machine company, we specialize in the creation of reliable high blood pressure monitors that give accurate results within seconds. We also have qualified experts who can answer all your questions and concerns to your satisfaction. Therefore, do not hesitate to visit our website or get in touch with us at your convenience.

accurate bp monitor

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Technology has had a far bigger reach in the medical field, more than what people would love to admit. What used to be inaccessible is now in the hands of millions, with blood pressure monitors taking the crown for one of the most innovative creations. Sphygmomanometer types and brands are many, with each promising out of the world results. What can be said to be a fact is that they do work, with some getting the job done better than others. The following are some of the most accurate Blood Pressure Monitors in the market right now.

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Omron Platinum

Omron Platinum BP Monitor
Source: Amazon

Omron Platinum has been one of the most accurate digital blood pressure monitors for years now and continues to perfume even better with every new release. Created by the Omron company that’s also home to a number of other blood pressure monitors that are widely used around the world in homes and hospitals.

Much of its accuracy is down, or a technological feature called TruRead, which takes readings from multiple tests then averages them to get a more accurate final result that is displayed clearly on its big screen. The design of the monitor is great, and one can comfortably hold it in their hands as it is not heavy. It is also portable and can be sued even when you are not in the house. On the price range side, it is a bit costly, but when you consider the features, then it could be described as a value device.

It stores about 200 readings and can accommodate an unlimited number of users at the same time. It also comes with a smartphone app that can be synchronized for easier operations and readings.



Beurer BM26

Beurer BM26
Source: www.beurer.com

The Beurer BM26 is another small and convenient blood pressure apparatus that is not only cheap but packs some of the features you’d normally find in high-end devices. Priced at about £30, this blood pressure monitor can store readings of up to 4 different users at the same time, with each user getting storage of about 30 readings. It may not sound much, but it still does get the job done. There’s always that option of using all four slots for one person, and this gives you an impressive 120 readings.

For better accuracy, the Beurer BM26 collects all the readings you have done in a 24hr period, calculates an average of them all to give you a conclusive report on the state of your blood pressure as accurately as it can. The only drawback to the device is the lack of a backlit display. Otherwise, it is a good buy with good accuracy.



Raycome RBP 9805

Raycome 9805 blood pressure machine

Raycome has been one of the fastest-growing BPM manufacturers, and their habit of creating top of the range products has been instrumental in establishing their name among the best in the sector. The RBP 9805 is a true testament to their continued efficiency.

Making use of the groundbreaking PulseWave Technology, this sphygmomanometer registers some of the most accurate blood pressure readings. The PulseWave technology works a little differently from most of the other devices. Instead of using a single sensor, this digital BP monitor employs a dual-ballon sensor that conducts a continuous measurement of multi-pressure pulses then combines all the measurements into an average score that displays the closest value to the real reading with very little margins of error.

The technology has been so effective that it has already earned some awards despite being around for a short time. There are patents already filed in over 40 countries where the Raycome RBP 9805 is in high demand. It can be synchronized with the native BP Secretary App.



Withings BPM Connect

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Withings BPM Connect has one of the most interesting designs. It is one of the smallest blood pressure monitors you’ll ever come across, a feature that makes it very economical and ideal for people on the move. But don’t let the small size fool you into thinking that it lacks in the major features.

To start off, it has a reliable battery that can last for up to 6 months on a single charge, making it the ideal device to carry with you on long travels; you would still be set even if you forget the charger at home. It also comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, which ensures that readings are shared seamlessly with the mobile app, allowing you to save all your readings to cloud storage. This eliminates the need for internal storage. The cloud data is very secure and can be accessed at any time from any place.

Like most accurate blood pressure monitors, Withings BPM Connect gives the results by taking a number of measurements then doing an average of everything before availing the results through the mobile phone app, storing it in the process.



Generation Guard

Generation Guard BPM
Source: generationguard.com

Generation Guard is an arm blood pressure monitor that rates highly among the best digital blood pressure monitors. It has a very simple design that boasts of a cuff that can be extended to fit just about any size of the arm. It also comes with a sleek backlit screen, which allows the user to see the readings in clear legible fonts.

It has a storage capacity of up to 90 readings and comes with its own set of rechargeable batteries and a carry case for those times where you may need to carry it with you on the road. It is not heavy, and you’ll barely feel it in your hands or bag. The adjustable cuff can be made tighter for more accurate readings, and it even comes with a detailed instruction manual to help you understand how to operate it without any outside help.

The accuracy of this device may not be up to par with the Omron and Raycome RBP 9805, but the reading is still decently near to the real thing. As it is always recommended, endure you keep off drinking and smoking before taking any measurements to ensure that you are in the right condition to do that.




Source: www.amazon.com

LifeSource is another intricately designed and reliable blood pressure monitor that is one of the most versatile and has the best BP cuffs. The company behind it was reasonable enough to create a cuff that can be adjusted well enough to fit even those with the biggest arms around. One of the reasons why most BPMs don’t post accurate readings is due to having cuffs that are too tight or too large with no option for making adjustments. LifeSource has been able to find a solution to this problem.

The device is so sensitive that it is able to pick out an irregular heartbeat, notifying you immediately, something that can save your life as irregular heartbeats are precursors to something more serious. LifeSource attains a high accuracy level through its high sensitivity and the averaging of several readings to give a result that has very little margins of errors. It can store up to 60 readings, which is way below many of its peers within the same price range, something that should be improved on.



Why Accuracy Matters

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A digital blood pressure machine designed for home use was designed to reduce those trips to the doctor’s office and to give everyone a self-diagnosis tool in their hands that’s easy to operate. But they are not doctors, and they don’t heal. However, they have to be accurate because wrong information in the medical world can lead to a lot of problems if acted upon as a fact.

An inaccurate reading will lead to a misdiagnosis, which will lead to the patient being prescribed the wrong medicine that will only serve to make an already bad situation worse. This is the reason why every automatic digital blood pressure monitor undergoes rigorous tests to ascertain its accuracies before being released to the consumers. This is also why many blood pressure monitor manufacturers design them to take several readings then find the average, which will be the true representation of what’s on the ground.

Are there things you can do to ensure that the readings your blood pressure monitor takes are as accurate as possible? Yes. Some of the activities you can do include the following.


It is evident that getting the most accurate hypertension checking machine is the most important thing to consider when shopping for BPM devices. There are many other models outside this list that have impressive features worth checking out. If you do have any questions and concerns, please contact us at any time, and we will address everything you have on your mind regarding blood pressure monitors.

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Diseases like hypertension used to pose a great danger to people in the past, especially obese people. There was no way of knowing when the blood pressure was about to go berserk. People had to be rushed to the nearest hospital to determine what had gone wrong. That is a thing of the past now, thanks to great advancement in medical and mobile app technologies.

Several high blood pressure monitors in the market are highly regarded by doctors and patients alike for their efficiency and accuracy. To come up with this exhaustive list for you, we used some parameters to determine the monitors that make it and those that do not.

Table of Contents

How We Arrived at Our Picks

With a lot of options available to pick from, we used the following factors to make the work much easier for you, the reader:

The Interface

Blood pressure monitors are supposed to be simple with an easy to navigate interface. The reason for their existence was to make things simpler for patients, allowing them to operate them without help from a doctor. The simplicity of the interface was the first factor we considered for this list.


Accuracy is the most crucial aspect of a blood pressure monitor. Without the presence of a doctor, the device has to cover for that handicap by providing the correct measurement. Inaccurate monitors are risky as they can lead to a misdiagnosis.

Memory Storage

Monitors that come with memory storage allow you to store all the blood pressure readings that you take over a period of time. This enables you to determine whether you are improving or getting worse.

The Best BP Monitors in the Market Right Now

Greater Goods BP Monitor: Best Overall

A Balance by Greater Goods BP Monitor
Source : greatergoods.com

The Greater Good BP Monitor is ranked overall best because of its decent accuracy, versatility, and ease of use. It has a large backlit display that employs the use of clear and sharp fonts legible even for those that have eyesight issues.

It also comes with a comfortable arm cuff that can handle arm circumferences of up to 16.5 inches. The monitor comes with a carrying bag that has specific pockets for the accompanying accessories making it easy to carry around. The Greater Goods BP Monitor costs $55



Omron Platinum: The Most Accurate

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Omron BP monitors are known and widely used by medical practitioners all over the world. A product of Omron Healthcare, a Canadian company, the device is considered to be the most accurate of all digital blood pressure monitors in existence. And because of that, they do not come cheap.

Costing about $75, Omron Platinum is a powerful machine that packs impressive storage and an off-the-chart accuracy that would make any doctor smile. It comes equipped with TruRead technology and Advanced Averaging, the two features that are responsible for its precise readings. On top of that, there is a mobile app that a user can sync with for a better experience.



PulseWave Blood Pressure Monitor: Most Technologically Advanced

The best blood pressure monitor 2020

This is an advanced blood pressure monitor from Raycome that employs some of the latest medical technologies around for this marvel of a device. The PusleWave monitor uses patented dual-balloons and sensor technology combined with continuous measurement of multi-point pressures to attain the highest accuracy levels possible. It is the type of device that you want lying next to your bedside.



Beurer BM26: Best Value

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When it comes to getting your money’s worth, then Beurer BM26 is the one device you should be splashing on right now. Costing a modest $30, it is easy to dismiss the device as inferior, a miscalculated mistake. The Beurer BM26 can track blood pressure for up to 4 users, without the use of a mobile app, quite a rare feat. Each of the four users can have a maximum of 30 readings.

When it comes to accuracy, the monitor uses the basic averaging principle that takes account of all the readings made in 24hrs to present the best data.



Withings BPM Connect: Most Portable

Withings BPM Connect
Source : Pinterest

Convenience is one of the underlying factors that contributed to the invention of digital blood pressure monitors. There is nothing that embodies that more than portability. The Withings BPM Connect is a little compact device that looks nothing like a BP monitor. At first glance, it resembles a tiny Bluetooth speaker, but do not let appearances fool you.

It is very easy to use, can connect to a mobile app, and has a rechargeable battery that can last for a week. It has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to store all your readings to cloud storage on the go, making the need for internal storage obsolete. However, all these features come at a price, $100, to be exact.



LifeSource: Best Cuff Size Options

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As much as the design of the central BP monitor itself is important, The cuffs that take the actual measurements are equally crucial. When it comes to cuff size options, the LifeSource blood pressure monitor takes the cake. It has cuff sizes for all types of people, big and small. Their largest cuff sizes range between 16.5 inches to 23.6 inches.

Another added advantage to this amazing device is its accuracy; it can detect irregular heartbeats, giving you ample warning to do something about it. On the budget side, however, the LifeSource device does not play nice, it costs a whopping $120. There is a LifeSource version that comes with cuffs for slender arms. It costs about $73.



iProven Wrist BP Monitor Watch: Best Wrist Monitor

iProven Wrist BP Monitor
Source : yogajournal.com

This is the only wrist BP monitor on the list, one that is considered the best in 2020. It is a small machine that is also extremely fast, being able to post readings within 30 seconds. It can accommodate about 60 readings, and it is small enough to even fit in the pockets of your pants. Before using it, you are advised to remove wristwatches and any other kind of jewelry for the best results. The iProven Wrist BP monitor costs about $20.



A&D Upper Arm BP Monitor: Best Multi-User

A&D Upper Arm BP Monitor
Source : images-amazon.com

The A&D Upper Arm BP Monitor is a simple yet effective multi-user device that has received excellent reviews from people who have used it. It can hold 60 readings for each of the users it can handle, that’s a total of 240 readings if you choose to use the device all for yourself. It is very reliable with useful features like cuff-fit error alerts and body movement sensors.




These are the best blood pressure monitors in the market right now. More are being released into the market every year by major blood pressure monitor manufacturing companies. With obesity still on the rise, the demand for home blood pressure kits is only going to increase. If you have been looking for one yourself, you can start with the ones mentioned above and find the one that suits you best.

A Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

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Blood pressure monitors, as the name suggests, are devices used in the medical field to measure the blood pressure in patients. They are devices that date back to the late 1800s. Also called a sphygmomanometer, the first known modern versions of blood pressure monitors are credited to Samuel Siegfried Karl Ritter von Basch, who created a rudimentary version of it in 1881.

Since then, the devices have undergone significant changes, evolving from manual ones to technologically advanced digital versions that can be used by anyone anywhere. These changes have improved health among people with hypertension. Some of the best BP apparatus companies around the world are driving technological innovations that continue to transform the medical landscape.

Table of Contents

Types of Blood Pressure Monitors

The sheer varieties of blood pressure monitors in the market right now are beyond imagination, with each offering a unique set of features. The digital ones, in particular, have transformed the medical world a great deal, and as time goes by, they are improving by huge leaps. A common feature in every medical trade fair around the world, Sphygmomanometers come in 4 main types that include the following:

Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor

An Aneroid BP Monitor
Source: Pinterest

An aneroid sphygmomanometer is a manual BP monitor that has been in use for years. The set up includes an arm cuff, a stethoscope, a medical gauge, and a squeeze bub. The cuff is tightly wound around the arm, and the doctor squeezes the bulb to get blood pressure readings.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

A Simple Blood Pressure Monitor
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A digital blood pressure machine works by using electrical signals to measure and display its readings on a display screen. As far as their functionalities go, they simply involve a cuff being wrapped around an arm and a single button pressed for it to get all the measurements it needs. The results are displayed on a digital screen.

Finger Blood Pressure Monitor

A Finger BP Monitor
Source: Pinterest

This is another recent technology that was created for people who need to check on their blood pressure frequently. All a patient needs to do is insert their index finger into a specially designed finger cuff that automatically inflates to take a reading. The only shortcoming to this device is that fingers do not provide accurate measurements compared to the arm.

Paediatric Blood Pressure Monitor

A Little Girl Having her BP Checked
Source: mylegacy.ie

Pediatric BP monitors are devices specifically designed for children. They are blood pressure monitors for kids that have smaller cuffs, with a set up that comes with an LCD screen. Its use has increased in recent years due to an increase in hypertension and obesity in children. When it comes to BP monitors for kids, make sure you use clinically validated ones for the best results.

What to Consider When Choosing a BP Monitor

Most people these days prefer having their blood pressure monitors within the confines of their homes. With the advancement in technology, operating one no longer requires a doctor. All you need to do is tightly wrap the device around your arm, press a button, and that’s it.

When choosing the best blood pressure machine for home use, there are things you need to keep in mind. The major ones include the following:


An Omron BP Monitor
Source: Pinterest

The size of the whole set-up matters a lot, from the cuffs to the length of the cables involved, the size of the main part of the device itself, and the display screen. The cuff has to be big enough to fit around your arm for the blood pressure monitor to capture the correct data. If it is too loose or too tight, the measurements may not be accurate.

The recommended circumferences are as stipulated below:

Arm Cuffs vs. Wrist Cuffs

A BP Monitor Cuff
Source: Pinterest

Homedics blood pressure monitors take their measurements from three points; the arm, the wrist, or the finger. As earlier mentioned, the finger is the least accurate because that part of the body registers less blood pressure, being small and all. The choice then comes down to two; a wrist cuff or an arm cuff.

Of the two, an upper arm cuff is the most accurate and efficient; it does not require too much effort because the upper arm is bigger; therefore provides more surface area for data to be collected. Wrist cuffs work by monitoring the wrist area, majorly the pulse present there.

However, they are only recommended for people under the age of 50. Older people are advised to avoid using wrist cuffs because the blood pressure around the wrists becomes fainter as people grow older.

The Budget

Source: Pixabay

A common factor that determines the type of blood pressure monitor you may end up with is your budget. The best BP monitor machines for home use do not come cheap. The most accurate ones range between $90 and $120. However, most are priced that high because of extra features that do not really make much of a difference. Doctors advise against spending anything above $60. Raycome BP monitors, for instance, are priced favorably, yet they deliver excellent results.

Accuracy Levels

Source: Pixabay

Hypertension is a serious disease that can lead to a lot of undesirable complications if it is not kept in check. It is, therefore, vital that blood pressure monitors capture their measurements as accurately as possible to give doctors the right data to work with.

Compare the readings you get on a home monitor with hospital BP machines to gauge their accuracy. The ones used by doctors are calibrated using the best metrics. The measurements will not obviously be identical, but the deviation should not be that big.

Ease of Use

A Simple BP Monitor
Source: Pixabay

A good BP monitor is one that displays the data in an easy to decipher format that does not need any further interpretation from a medical officer. The display should also be big enough to be legible even for an older patient with eyesight problems. Another critical issue pertaining to the use is the availability of mobile apps. Getting a monitor that can be linked to an app on your phone makes operation much easier and fun; it also comes with more functionalities as a boost.

Multi-Users vs. Single-User

Source: Pixabay

Some blood pressure monitors allow for multiple users to have their blood pressure taken consecutively. That is to mean; they have storage that can store a certain amount of data allowing for blood pressure measurements of several people to be taken at once. Single-use monitors only accommodate one person at a time, with data being logged first before proceeding to the next patient. This can be a drag for many people.

Extra Features

A BP Monitor with Mobile App Connectivity
Source: Pixabay

Having extra features does not make much difference when it comes to the accuracy of the blood pressure monitor, but they sure do make operations much easier. Features like Bluetooth connectivity and a BP monitor app allow the device to be operated remotely without the need to move about too much. Internet connectivity allows for the data to be uploaded quickly to a portal that can be shared with your doctor or other interested parties easily.

Your Needs

Your Needs
Source: Pixabay

What you need in a blood pressure monitor should act as a guide towards your choice. To better help you get a clear picture of what your needs may be, ask yourself the following questions;

Will I be sharing the device with other people around the house? If that is the case, then you should go for the monitor that supports multi-users and allows for the setting up of several accounts within the same device.

Do I need to receive the readings on your phone in real-time? Then go for a monitor that supports Bluetooth or NFC connectivity. Most times, the data looks more presentable on a phone as it has a bigger screen and is suited for that kind of data.

Do I need to be in constant touch with my doctor without having to pay them a visit? Then a monitor that supports email communication that allows you to forward the data to your doctor for further analysis is your cup of tea.

Do I wish to keep track of my daily readings? Then go for a blood pressure monitor that stores your regular measurements. This way, you can tell just by studying the trends whether you are improving or getting worse.

Clinical Validations

Sign of Approval
Source: Pixabay

Devices used in the medical field undergo tighter scrutiny compared to those used in other industries. Before a blood pressure monitor hits the market, it has to go through tests and trials that prove its efficacy. These tests have to be rubber-stamped by doctors as a mark of approval.

For the best results, go for the blood pressure monitor that has received the highest clinical validations. Doctors are professionals, and once they have endorsed a medical device, it is best you follow their advice.

Portability and Battery Life

A Row of Alkaline Batteries
Source: Pixabay

The main reason blood pressure monitors for home use were created in the first place was for the purpose of convenience. To achieve this, they must be small enough to be carried around. You may need to take blood pressure measurements at work, in the car, or during a vacation. It has to be small enough to fit inside your bag.

In the same breath, portability also depends on battery life. The monitor should be able to last as long as it can when you are away from home. It would not be good for you if the battery kept dying every time you tried to use it outside your home. In this situation, you may have to avoid those that have extra features since supporting things like Bluetooth and internet connectivity uses more power.


Staying healthy has never been so crucial as it is today, especially when trying to stay safe during a global pandemic. People in the current world are beset with a lot more lifestyle ailments than any other group ever to exist. To counter this, several technological advancements in the medical world are slowly turning the tide. Home blood pressure kits that can be used without any supervision are top of that list. 

If you are a chronic sufferer of hypertension, you are highly advised to invest in a blood pressure monitor. Use this detailed guide in your search and get the best one that will address all your problems.

A Raycome BP Monitor

Based on the World Health Organization data, there are an estimated 1.13 billion people globally who have hypertension. This represents a huge chunk of the world population and puts hypertension up there among the most widespread medical conditions. The reasons why the cases are so widespread has a lot to do with factors like lifestyle habits.

It is for this reason that developments in the blood pressure monitor sector have been accelerating. The race to find ways to deal with hypertension has led many companies to come up with modern solutions. Raycome is among the trailblazers of blood pressure monitors manufacturers and has an impressive catalog of high-tech equipment designed to keep hypertension in check.

We are going to look into the blood pressure monitors under the Raycome name, how they work, and why they are better than their competitors.

Table of Contents

Raycome PulseWave Technology and How It Works in BP Monitors

Pulse Wave Illustration
Source: Pixabay

Among the many impressive innovations that Raycome has come up with, PulseWave Technology has left the biggest mark in the medical world. It is a technology that makes it easier for digital blood pressure to attain the highest accuracy when taking readings of the blood pressure.

Clinically, a pulse wave refers to the velocity at which the blood pressure moves through the circulatory system. It is the measure of how stiff the arteries get when they transport blood from one end to the next.

The naturally occurring pulse-wave is what forms the basis of how blood pressure monitors work. Once the device is clamped on the arm tightly, it is the pulse wave fluctuations that are being read to determine the blood pressure.

Raycome BP monitors have been able to use the pulse wave to create their own unique PulseWave technology.

Blood pressure monitors from Raycome record the Pulse Wave Velocity to correctly tell if the blood pressure is too high or too low. If the velocity is higher, then that is an indication that the blood pressure is higher too and vice versa.

The use of pulse wave velocity has been in use for years in the medical field as it is the most accurate method. Raycome monitors have managed to take that accuracy a step further by refining their own PulseWave technology.

Types of Raycome BP Machines

Automatic BP Machine By Raycome

Raycome is home to the best digital bp monitor machines, each designed for a specific function and environment. They include the following.

Hospital BP Monitors

Raycome hospital BP machines are designed for checking the blood pressure of patients in hospitals under the supervision of a physician. Their BP monitors are among the most trusted devices for most hospitals due to their accuracy and the ingenious PulseWave technology.

So far, there are three hospital BP monitors in their lineup that include the following.

RBP 9000

A cutting-edge blood pressure minitor by Raycome

A desk-top digital blood pressure monitor that uses PulseWave technology in combination with dual-balloon sensors to attain accurate readings with a ±2mmHg reliability score. The RBP 9000 has the following features;

It has an antibacterial design made up of a removable cuff cloth that can be cleaned and replaced after every use to avoid the spread of diseases as it comes into contact with skin.

It has a humanized feel to it thanks to a unique elbow button that can be used to adjust the arms position. The cuff can also be rotated horizontally for more comfortable reading.

It has a human voice reminder that belts out instructions to help users use it in the proper fashion.

It has memory storage of up to 100 sets.

RBP 7000

Hospital-use RBP 7000

Another desk-top based monitor that is a little smaller and less sophisticated than the RBP 9000. It also makes use of PulseWave technology as well as dual-balloon sensors. For better accuracy, it conducts a continuous measurement of multi-point pressures between pulses.

RBP 7000 has the following features;

An antibacterial setup similar to the RBP 9000 with adjustable cuffs.

Its arm support circumference lies between 17-42cm with the ability to measure both hands independently.

It has data communication support that allows it to be connected to other machines like computers via a USB port.

It has an Intelligent Awakening feature that switches the monitor into a dormant state when it is not in use and then reactivates it automatically when someone comes close to it.

It has Bluetooth connectivity that allows it to be synced with the BP Secretary app.

Nurse-Use BP Monitors

Nurse-use BP monitors are special devices that are designed to be used by nurses when taking blood pressure readings from patients. They have an elongated rectangular shape that comes with a digital screen and two buttons that handle all its operations.

There is only one type of nurse-use BP monitors in the Raycome catalog discussed below.

RBP 6700

A Raycome hospital-use blood pressure monitor

The RBP 6700 is a rectangularly shaped sphygmomanometer that employs the PulseWave technology to get its blood pressure readings. It is equipped with dual-balloon sensors that use upper and lower bags to get data.

The device has the following features;

It is portable, a feature that makes it ideal for nurses who move from one patient to another in the course of their work.

The device is Bluetooth and Cloud service enabled, which makes it compatible with the BP Secretary app.

It has a rechargeable battery that can handle more than 300 uses per charge.

The screen is large and well backlit, which makes the readings more visible even when in a room full of light.

It also comes with a human reminder feature to help people use it correctly.

Home-Use BP Monitors

If there is one thing that technology has done right within the medical field is bringing access to medical devices closer to the patients. Home-use BP monitors have revolutionized how people deal with hypertension. What used to be a process handled only by doctors can be taken care of at home by the patient themselves.

The following are the various types of Raycome’s home-use BP monitors;


Home Use RBP 9805

The RBP-9805 is a small digital BP monitor that comes with a large display screen, operational buttons, and charging ports. It makes use of the customary dual-balloon sensor found in other Raycome devices.

The following are some of its features;

It has a two-user design, which means it can be used for two different people in succession as it has the ability to store two sets of data differently.

It has an optional Bluetooth data transfer option.

It has a human voice reminder for helping people at home figure out how to use it.

The large screen is well backlit for easy reading of the data.

It has a wireless transmission feature that connects it to the BP Secretary app seamlessly.

It also has Cloud storage capabilities that eliminate the need for internal memory.



The RBP-88A is a unique wearable blood pressure monitor that is worn on the arm in order to get blood pressure readings. It makes use of PulseWave technology as well as the dual-balloon sensors. It is able to attain accurate readings by continuously measuring the multi-point pressures between pulses.

The device has the following features;

It has a large capacity rechargeable lithium battery that can handle over 120 reading sessions. The battery can be charged to capacity within 2hrs.

It also has wireless transmission it uses to send data to the phone and other devices like computers.

It is portable and can be carried around easily. You can even commute to work with it.

It has a cloud service that gives it ample storage of data.

Kids-Use BP Monitors

The biggest challenge in the blood pressure monitors world has always involved hypertension in kids. That area was neglected because, in the past, hypertension was not that common in children. That has changed, and there is a growing need to create a blood pressure monitor for kids.

Raycome has been able to pull ahead of others by coming up with kids-use BP monitors that are safe for children between the ages of 3-12. So far, they have one BP monitor for kids.



The RBP-1200 is a small digital sphygmomanometer that depends on dual-balloons sensor technology to register accurate blood pressure readings in children. Raycome has applied patents for the device in over 40 countries.

The RBP-1200 has the following features;

It is designed with a toylike design to make children more comfortable around it when it is in use.

It has an arm circumference ranging between 15-22cm.

It has a rechargeable lithium battery that can support 300 uses on one charge.

It is Bluetooth enabled and can store up to 200 sets of data in its internal memory.

Why You Should Choose Raycome BP Monitors

There are countless BP devices in the market, each with their own unique devices. However, when it comes down to it, you want to use a device that is not only affordable but reliable and simple enough to understand.

The following are reasons why, as a BP machine company, Raycome is the clear choice for you;

Technologically Superior

PulseWave Technology has been a game-changer from the moment it was launched by the blood pressure monitor supplier. It has pushed the ability of Raycome devices to excel in ways that other devices in the market dream only of. Technological innovations have improved the blood pressure monitors’ accuracy levels without adding any extra cost to the retail prices.

Ample Support

Business with Raycome does not end after you purchase their devices; that only marks the start of a relationship that benefits both the company and the patient. There are follow-ups and after-sales services to ensure that you are satisfied with what you bought. The devices also receive regular updates when the need arises to ensure they work at optimum levels.

Mobile App

The BP Secretary is the official BP monitor app associated with Raycome’s digital blood pressure monitors. You can use the app to check blood pressure while it is synced with the BP monitors to allow easy navigation of the devices while increasing the storage range for the data. The app displays the data in more graphical formats more presentable than the BP monitor screens.

Authoritative Endorsements

Raycome devices have been recognized globally as accurate and effective blood pressure monitors. Getting the nod from some of the most respected medical practitioners is very important as it is validation and testament to how good the devices are. If doctors around the world can agree that Raycome monitors are good, then there is no reason to not trust the devices.

FAQs About Raycome BP Monitors

1. What is the most accurate BP monitor for home use?

It is hard to declare which is the best digital blood pressure monitors for home use. The only differences are in their functioning and design. The RBP-9805, for instance, is bigger than either RBP-2400 and RBP-88A. In terms of functionalities, the RBP-88A has a smaller display screen compared to the other two. But as far as the accuracy is concerned, they are all the same and ideal for home use.

2. What should I look for when buying a BP monitor?

When looking for a BP monitor, the first thing you should concern yourself with is the ease of use. Being able to properly operate one is the only way you will get the correct reading. You should also pay attention to the functional features like storage capacity, battery life, portability, and how it interacts with other devices like smartphones and computers.

3. What is normal blood pressure by age?

The expected blood pressure readings by age can be split into eight main age groups;




0 – 1 Month

45–80 mm Hg

30–55 mm Hg

1 – 12 Months

65–100 mm Hg

35–65 mm Hg

1 – 5 Years

80–115 mm Hg

55–80 mm Hg

6 – 13 Years

80–120 mm Hg

45–80 mm Hg

14 – 18 Years

90–120 mm Hg

50–80 mm Hg

19 – 40 Years

95–135 mm Hg

60–80 mm Hg

41 – 60 Years

110–145 mm Hg

70–90 mm Hg

61 – Older

95–145 mm Hg

70–90 mm Hg

4. Which is better, manual or digital blood pressure monitor?

A digital blood pressure monitor is relatively better than a manual one. Operating a digital BP monitor is easier and can be handled by any person without any help. It is also easier to read data from a digital monitor as opposed to a manual one that can only be operated and the data recorded by someone who is trained in using them.

5. Which blood pressure monitors do doctors recommend?

In terms of accuracy, the best aneroid sphygmomanometer is the mercury one that is considered the gold standard as it does not need any recalibration when taking readings. However, they can only be operated on by a doctor.

When it comes to ease of use, digital blood pressure monitors are highly recommended as they can be used in any environment by almost anyone.


Raycome continues to advance its technology and innovations further in its bid to conquer hypertension. There are other players in the industry who are also doing their bit to further the cause. The crux of the matter is that hypertension is now a medical crisis worldwide, one that has to be tackled by everyone.

The need to have access to blood pressure monitors has never been so urgent than now.

If you want to know more about digital BP monitor devices, do not hesitate to get in touch and have all your questions and concerns addressed.

A Mercury BP Apparatus

Source : Pinterest

Blood Pressure is an indicator of health. BP being too high or too low blood pressure can be an indicator of heart diseases or other underlying health problems.

It is important to keep a BP apparatus at home so, in case of any abnormality, immediate help can be sought. There are many manufacturers of BP apparatus in the UK. For the sake of your own or your patients’ health, it is important to buy the best one.

The following are some bp apparatus companies based in the UK.

Table of Contents

Boots UK

Boots Company Logo Text
Source: boots-uk.com

Boots UK is a company based in and spread all across the United Kingdom. Boots is one of the leading health and beauty retailers and has been in the industry for the past 170 years. The company has different sub-leading brands including No.7, Soap and Glory and Liz Earle. Boots is best known for its pharmaceuticals and the company prides itself in catering to everyone’s health needs.

Boots specializes in manufacturing its own products and has its oldest factory in Nottingham which was established in 1885.  Amongst the many items manufactured at Boots, their home blood pressure kits are the most prominent ones and have achieved a global status over the years.

Kinetik Well Being

Kinetik Well Being Company Logo
Source: kinetikwellbeing.com

Kinetik Well Being is a UK based manufacturer of many medical supplies. Their catalog includes home blood pressure kits, thermometers, respiratory devices, hearing aids, fitness monitors, etc. All Kinetik Well Being products are Class IIa approved, which means they meet all the standards and are trusted by medical professionals. So you can be sure of the durability, ease-of-use, and most importantly, the accuracy of their machines.

The Kinetik Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a handy device that is very easy to use. It is perfect for the elderly who are not that well-versed in technology but need to constantly manage their BP. Checking the blood pressure with the wrist apparatus only takes the push of a single button. The wrist bp machine does not include a cuff as it can easily be worn on the arm itself, but Kinetik’s other BP machines all come with a very durable and comfortable cuff.


Raycome Company Logo Text

Founded in 2008, Raycome specializes in the production and selling of blood pressure monitors. Raycome has gained international acclaim because of the extensive research that goes into their products. In 2011, Raycome introduced the 4th generation Pulsewave BP monitor with dual balloons/sensors technology. The sensors technology helps in detecting the various pressure points to measure results accurately. Such precision-enhancing technology ensures that Raycome produces the best automatic blood pressure monitor for home use and hospital use.


Source: duronic.com

Based in the UK, Duronic is a consumer brand that was launched in 2005. Duronic has become a household name in the United Kingdom and has customers all across Europe. 

The company’s efforts towards sustainability and recycling distinguishes itself from its competitors. With courier access to over 200 countries, Duronic’s bp checking machines at home are in the most demand.

How To Check BP At Home

A Person Checking Blood Pressure at Home
Source: Pinterest

Now that you know some manufacturers of the best digital blood pressure monitors for home use you should also know how to use a bp machine.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to do this


Keeping an eye on your blood pressure is the gateway to a healthier life. Observing your bp regularly can help you and your doctor in monitoring your health and noting even the slightest changes. Keeping an eye on your blood pressure will also make you aware of the lifestyle changes that you need to make to lead a healthier life. For example, consistently high readings of BP are an indicator that you need to care for your heart health and avoid oily foods.

Good habits like exercising at least four times a week, staying active, and saying no to a sedentary life also ensures a healthy life. Avoiding junk and processed foods help in maintaining your blood pressure and as a result, keep the cardiovascular diseases at a bay. Invest in a good bp apparatus and keep an eye on your readings.

A Sphygmomanometer Next to HBP Drugs

Source : Pixabay

Keeping tabs on your health is the best investment you can ever make in yourself and your family. Many people only visit the hospital when something has already gone wrong, and that should never be the case. Some diseases, like hypertension, have to be monitored at all times.

High blood pressure can negatively impact your life as it can limit many of the activities you are used to. It also opens up your body to other complications. BP monitors are the best solutions that can tackle hypertension head-on. Blood pressure monitor manufacturers have made great strides in meeting the increasing demand for home blood pressure kits. The technological advancements of the past decade has now made it possible for people to check their blood pressure as many times as they want from the comfort of their homes. Knowing where you stand healthwise helps you in properly planning your life.

Table of Contents

What Is a Blood Pressure Monitor?


A blood pressure monitor is a device that is used to measure blood pressure. To better understand what a BP monitor is, you have to know what blood pressure is and why it must be kept in check.

Blood pressure is the force that is exerted on the walls of the blood vessels by the blood as it flows through them as the heart pumps. The pressure exerted by the blood comes in two forms: Systolic and Diastolic.

Systolic is the blood pressure that is created when the heart contracts to pump blood around the body, while diastolic blood pressure is the one exerted between the heartbeats as the heart relaxes. This alternating between these two is what is ultimately referred to as the blood pressure. So why is it necessary to measure blood pressure?

Higher blood pressure is dangerous for your body. It exerts a strain on the heart, the blood vessels, and this can interfere with the proper way that blood gets distributed around your body. If all these organs are strained, you stand a risk of being hit with a myriad of health problems like heart attacks, dementia, kidney diseases, or a stroke.

What makes high blood pressure truly dangerous is that it is hard to detect without the use of a blood pressure monitor. Most people discover they have hypertension when they are on their hospital beds after suffering a stroke. This is the reason why having at least one in your home is very important.

How does a Sphygmomanometer Work?

An Aneroid Sphygmomanometer
Source : Pixabay

As earlier stated, a Sphygmomanometer measures the blood pressure. Before we explore how they work, you should get familiar with the different parts that make up a blood pressure monitor. They include the following:


A BPM Bladder
Source : Pinterest

This is the inflatable rubber bag that fits around the arm for compression. It is the part inside the cuff that gets filled with air. They come in different sizes and specific parameters. Each bladder has a check valve located at their ends that prevents the air from escaping or the entry of dust. Most are made from spin cast PVC.


A Manometer
Source : Pinterest

This is the part of the device that does the actual measurements of air pressure and is denoted by mmHg. In Aneroid BP devices, the manometer looks like a watch that has an indicator dial with number values written in a circle. As you pump the air into the cuff, the manometer is the part you observe to know if you have reached the required air pressure needed for the test.

The Cuff

A BPM Arm Cuff
Source : Pinterest

This is the part that is wrapped around the arm to get readings. It is the casing that houses the bladder allowing it to inflate and deflate as the air is pumped in and out during measurements. Being the most crucial part, the cuff has to be appropriately designed to fit the arm in the right position; otherwise, the data it collects will not be accurate.

The Bulb

BPM Bulb
Source : Pinterest

A bulb-shaped contraption made of rubber that is attached to the bladder through a rubber pipe. The bulb fruits inside the palm, and it is used to pump air into the bladder manually.

The Valve

A BPM Valve
Source : images-amazon.com

A deflation metal pin that is used to control the cuff. Tiny as it is, it is one of the major components that play a vital role in attaining accurate readings. Most valves are made out of brass and are plated with either nickel or chrome.


The Process

The procedures the precede the measuring of the blood pressure follows these steps:

While the air is being released, the doctor listens intently to the stethoscope while observing the mercury gauge dial. The first sound that the Sphygmomanometer produces is called the Korotkoff. It is a knock-like sound that indicates the systolic blood pressure has been recorded. The moment the Korotkoff disappears; that is an indication that the diastolic pressure reading has been taken.

How to Use a Blood Pressure Monitor

A Blood Pressure Monitor

When it comes to homedics blood pressure monitors, the operation is much simpler than a manual one. In fact, anyone can conduct the test on their own without any help from a doctor. However, when performing the blood pressure test on your own, there are things you need first to do beforehand, they include the following:

Having made the necessary preparations, proceed to the actual taking of the blood pressure measurements. The following are steps involved when using a digital BP monitor:

As this is happening, keep your eyes on the display to get the readings as they flash across the screen in real-time. The diastolic and systolic blood pressures will then be recorded, and the final values displayed.

Different Types of Blood Pressure Apparatus

A cutting-edge blood pressure minitor by Raycome

The best BP apparatus can be divided into two broad categories: Manual and Digital. Each category is further split into different other smaller groups depending on the nature of the BP monitor.

Manual Blood Pressure Monitors

These are sphygmomanometers that need a stethoscope to get readings. They do not have an automatic display screen; instead, the doctor listens to the palpitations through the stethoscope to make any conclusions. For this reason, manual BP monitors can only be used by experienced physicians. Two types of devices fall under this category:

Mercury Sphygmomanometers

A Mercury Sphygmomanometer
Source :Pinterest

This device uses a mercury column to indicate the pressure in the blood without any need for recalibration. Their readings are so accurate that they are usually referred to as the gold standards of blood pressure measuring devices in the medical world. Their accuracy comes in handy during clinical trials of drugs and when dealing with high-risk patients like pregnant women.

Aneroid Sphygmomanometers

An Aneroid BPM
Source :Pixabay

These are mechanical types of sphygmomanometers that are the most common. They use a stethoscope for most of their workings, and unlike their mercury counterparts, they need recalibration after every use. However, they are considered to be safer and cheaper than mercury sphygmomanometers, although their accuracy is slightly inferior.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitors

A Digital Wrist-Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor
Source :Pixabay

Digital BP monitors rely on electronic calculations and oscillometric measurements instead of auscultations. They are much easier to operate since most come with single buttons and display screens that show all the measurements. Some even go a step further and incorporate other features like Bluetooth connectivity that allows them to be linked to mobile apps.

All types of blood pressure monitors that employ the same principle fall under this group. Arm  BP monitors, Paediatric BP monitors, and Wrist BP monitors, just to mention a few, all fall under this group.

How to Choose a Blood Pressure Monitor

A Simple Blood Pressure Monitor
Source :Pixabay

When choosing the best BP monitor machine for home use, there are factors that you need to pay attention to. They include the following:

The Price: When you decide to buy a monitor for measuring blood pressure at home, make sure it is within your budget. It goes without saying that the best and the most accurate BP monitors cost a fortune. However, many other cheaper options in the market work just fine. Look around first and compare prices both online and in physical stores before settling on one.

Extra Accessories: You have the option of going for the simplest device in the market, the one that comes with a single button for all functions and an elaborate display. At the same time, you can choose to make your work much easier by going for a BP machine that has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. These features will allow you to link the devices to mobile apps and cloud storage.

Accuracy: A good BP monitor should be as accurate as possible; it should be able to operate on the same level as hospital BP machines. An inaccurate device will give the wrong readings making you think you are okay when you are not or sending you into a panic, assuming you are sick when you are okay. A misdiagnosis is as dangerous as the disease itself. Therefore make sure that the device you go for is on the higher side of accuracy.

Clinical Validation: Everybody feels much safer when they use products that come recommended by professionals. For instance, a hospital-grade blood pressure monitor that has received the mark of approval from most doctors is a better bet than the one that barely registers any attention from anyone. Before buying a BP Monitor make sure it has received the authoritative endorsement of the medical world.

The Brand: Devices made by established blood pressure monitor manufacturers hold more sway than little known brands—the bigger the brand, the higher the chance that the product in question is top grade. However, you will have to make peace with the possibility of paying a lot more than you would have for a different BP monitor.

Ease of Use: Compared to a hospital blood pressure machine, a home-use BP monitor should be much simpler both in operation and interpretation of data. The reason why these devices exist in the first place was to make it easier for people to conduct the tests themselves to reduce trips to the hospitals. A good BP monitor should be straightforward when it comes to operating it and understanding the measurement readings.

Factors that can Affect Blood Pressure Readings

A Blood Pressure Reading in Progress
Source :Pixabay

A Full Bladder

Your blood pressure depends on how full or how empty your bladder is. An empty bladder results in lower blood pressure, while a full one leads to higher blood pressure. A full bladder is known to increase systolic pressure by up to 15mmHg. Make sure you are empty before taking measurements.


Blood pressure increases when you are cold and decreases when conditions get warmer. If you find the room you are in a bit too chilly, then be aware that any blood pressure measurements you conduct will not reflect the real picture.

Being Too Active

When measuring blood pressure, you are supposed to be calm and rested. Do not move about too much or conduct the test while you are animatedly talking to someone. That is why it is recommended that the test is done while sitting. Too much activity increases the blood flow in the body, and this spikes the blood pressure unnecessarily.

Emotional State

Emotions like anger, anxiety, and stress can cause massive elevations of blood pressure. If you choose to have your pressure taken when you are in a state of agitation, the reading will not reflect the true state of your body’s condition.

Sitting Position

Blood pressure measurements are administered with the subject seated. The chair should be comfortable with the back supported. The legs and arms should be uncrossed so as not to constrict blood flow in some areas as this could spike the overall pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions When using a Blood Pressure Monitor

A FrequentlyAsked Questions Banner
Source :Pixabay

The need to know the finer details of blood pressure and everything else that pertains to the procedure is essential. Many people love to run online with their symptoms, frantically searching for answers. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about blood pressure monitors.

What Causes High Blood Pressure?

Obesity compounded with a lack of exercise and activity is the leading cause of high blood pressure among people these days. Other underlying triggers include genetics, old age, a poor diet, and general poor lifestyle habits like smoking and heavy drinking.

When should I start to get worried?

When using home blood pressure kits, you should immediately rush to the nearest hospital if the blood pressure readings are anywhere near or above 180/120 mmHg. This is what is referred to as the Hypertensive Crisis and is an indicator of a severe health problem waiting to erupt.

What is normal blood pressure?

Blood pressure is considered to be within normal parameters if you register a systolic pressure of 120 or below and a diastolic pressure of 80 and below. For babies, the readings should be in the 60-90/20-60 region.

What are some of the dangers of high blood pressure?

When hypertension is allowed to fester unchecked, you stand a high risk of being struck by a stroke or suffering a severe heart attack that can lead to death. Other risky conditions that are associated with high blood pressure include kidney issues, dementia, aneurysm, and loss of memory, among other issues. Those with hypertension also stand a higher risk of getting affected by other diseases like the current COVID-19.

Is high blood pressure treatable?

There are two ways of dealing with high blood pressure. The first one can be achieved through a change in lifestyle. You may have to drop all those habits that contribute to hypertension and embrace regular exercise and a proper diet. The other way is through drugs. Medicines used to treat hypertension include diuretics, ACE inhibitors, calcium channel blockers, among many others.


There is so much information pertaining to hypertension and the use of high blood pressure monitors to keep it in check. The emerging trend right now leans towards the use of BP checking machines at home. As more technologically advanced devices are released into the market, their prices are getting lower. For as little as $20, you can acquire a decent home blood pressure machine that is easily operable.

The bottom line is that your health is important, and it should take precedence ahead of everything else. There is so much that you can achieve in life when you are confident in your health. If you have been considering buying a BP monitor for home use, this is the time.

Validation of the Raycome RBP-1200 upper-arm pulse wave device in children aged 3 – 12 years according to the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation protocol

Ji e Donga,b, Hongbo Donga.b. Peiyu Yeb. Yinkun Yanb. Bo Xie and Jie Mia,b



To validate the accuracy of Raycome RBP-1200 used for blood pressure (BP) measurements in Chinese children aged 3-12 years according to the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI)/lnternationat Organization for Standardization 81060-2:2013(E) protocol.


A prospective observational study was carried out using the same arm sequential method’ as described in the A心I protocol. Eighty-seven children participated in this examination and 255 paired-determinations were analyzed.


The BP difference between the RBP-1200 and the mercury sphygmomanometer device was – 0.9± 5.3 mmHg for systolic BP and – 1.1±5.0 mm Hg for diastolic BP, which were within the range of±5±8 mmHg as required by criterion 1 of the AAMI protocol. The SD of the averaged difference for each participant was 4.1 mmHg for systolic BP and 3.9 mmHg for diastolic BP, which were also within the requirement of criterion 2 of the AAMI protocol.


The Raycome RBP-1200 device fulfills the requirements of the AAMI protocol and it can be recommended for BP measurements in Chinese children aged 3-12 years with low or normal BP values. Blood Press Montt 22:40-43 Copyright©2017 Wolters Kluer Health, Inc. All rights reserved.
Blood Pressure Monitoring 2017, 22:40-43

Keywords: blood pressure measurement, children, pulse wave device, validation

Please download full paper via below link,

2-Validation of RBP-1200


The Value of a BP Determination Method Using a Novel Non-Invasive BP Device against the Invasive Catheter Measurement

Jinsong Xu, Yanqing Wu,Hai Su, Weitong Hu’. Juxiang Li,  Wenying Wang, Xin Liu, Xiaoshu Cheng

1. Research Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases and Department of Cardiology, Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, Nanchang, Jiang Xi. People I e’ Republic of China,
2. Fuzhou Medical College of Nanchang University, Fuzhou. Jiangxi, People’s Republic of China



The aim of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of the new blood pressure (BP) measurement method (Pulse method).


This study enrolled 45 patients for selective percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) via the right redial artery. A BP device using the eithe『 oscillometric (Microlife 3AC1-1) or Pulse method(RG-BP11) was used. At the beginning of each PCI, interradial BP has measured before Microlife BP or Pulse BP measurement as Its own reference, respectively. At the end of PCI, BP was measu『ed again with the measurement order of Microlife BP and Pulse BP reversed. The differences between intra-radial and Microlife (BPi-M) or Pulse BP (BPi-P) on SBP, DBP and mean artery pressure (MAP) were calculated. Meanwhile, in 48 patients the intra七rachial BP and intra-radial artery BP were measured to calculate the brachia redial BP difference (BPr-b).



The intra-radial SBP references used prior to both the Microlife and Pulse SBP that were similar (145.1627.7 vs145.8624.2 mmHg), but the Microlife SBP was significantly lower than the Pulse SBP (127.7620.5 vs 130.3622.7 mmHg, P,0:05), thus the SBPi-M was higher than SBPi-P (18.1611.8 vs 14.8612.8 mmHg, P,0.05). As the mean SBPr-b was 12.4 mmHg, the Pulse SBP was closer to expected lntra-brachial SBP by about 3.3 mmHg than was Microlife SBP to expected intra-brachia SBP. Meanwhile, Bland-Altman plots showed that the 95% limits of agreement for intra-radial SBP by Pulse SBP were narrower than those by Microlife (12.0,17.5vs15.5, 为6rnn+lg). However, the 95% limi1s of the agreement for Pulse DBP and MAP were similar to those for Microlife DBP and MAP.


Against the invasive BP measurement, the pulse method may provide more accurate SBP and comparable DBP and MAP as compared with the oscillometric method.

To download full paper, please click below link,

1-PulseWave is more accurate as compared with oscillometric method

On Sep 7, 2018, Shenzhen Raycome Health Technology Co., Ltd won the top 50 of innovative biotechnology enterprises in Guangdong-Hongkong-Macau Greater Bay Area.

National 12th Five-Year Science and Technology Support Program China's important cardiovascular disease prevalence survey