A Mercury BP Apparatus

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Blood Pressure is an indicator of health. BP being too high or too low blood pressure can be an indicator of heart diseases or other underlying health problems.

It is important to keep a BP apparatus at home so, in case of any abnormality, immediate help can be sought. There are many manufacturers of BP apparatus in the UK. For the sake of your own or your patients’ health, it is important to buy the best one.

The following are some bp apparatus companies based in the UK.

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Boots UK

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Boots UK is a company based in and spread all across the United Kingdom. Boots is one of the leading health and beauty retailers and has been in the industry for the past 170 years. The company has different sub-leading brands including No.7, Soap and Glory and Liz Earle. Boots is best known for its pharmaceuticals and the company prides itself in catering to everyone’s health needs.

Boots specializes in manufacturing its own products and has its oldest factory in Nottingham which was established in 1885.  Amongst the many items manufactured at Boots, their home blood pressure kits are the most prominent ones and have achieved a global status over the years.

Kinetik Well Being

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Kinetik Well Being is a UK based manufacturer of many medical supplies. Their catalog includes home blood pressure kits, thermometers, respiratory devices, hearing aids, fitness monitors, etc. All Kinetik Well Being products are Class IIa approved, which means they meet all the standards and are trusted by medical professionals. So you can be sure of the durability, ease-of-use, and most importantly, the accuracy of their machines.

The Kinetik Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a handy device that is very easy to use. It is perfect for the elderly who are not that well-versed in technology but need to constantly manage their BP. Checking the blood pressure with the wrist apparatus only takes the push of a single button. The wrist bp machine does not include a cuff as it can easily be worn on the arm itself, but Kinetik’s other BP machines all come with a very durable and comfortable cuff.


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Founded in 2008, Raycome specializes in the production and selling of blood pressure monitors. Raycome has gained international acclaim because of the extensive research that goes into their products. In 2011, Raycome introduced the 4th generation Pulsewave BP monitor with dual balloons/sensors technology. The sensors technology helps in detecting the various pressure points to measure results accurately. Such precision-enhancing technology ensures that Raycome produces the best automatic blood pressure monitor for home use and hospital use.


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Based in the UK, Duronic is a consumer brand that was launched in 2005. Duronic has become a household name in the United Kingdom and has customers all across Europe. 

The company’s efforts towards sustainability and recycling distinguishes itself from its competitors. With courier access to over 200 countries, Duronic’s bp checking machines at home are in the most demand.

How To Check BP At Home

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Now that you know some manufacturers of the best digital blood pressure monitors for home use you should also know how to use a bp machine.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to do this


Keeping an eye on your blood pressure is the gateway to a healthier life. Observing your bp regularly can help you and your doctor in monitoring your health and noting even the slightest changes. Keeping an eye on your blood pressure will also make you aware of the lifestyle changes that you need to make to lead a healthier life. For example, consistently high readings of BP are an indicator that you need to care for your heart health and avoid oily foods.

Good habits like exercising at least four times a week, staying active, and saying no to a sedentary life also ensures a healthy life. Avoiding junk and processed foods help in maintaining your blood pressure and as a result, keep the cardiovascular diseases at a bay. Invest in a good bp apparatus and keep an eye on your readings.