A manual BP Cuff

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A sphygmomanometer is also called a blood pressure monitor, known as an instrument used to measure blood pressure by medical professionals and paramedics. It consists of a cuff, a measuring device, a bulb, and a valve. The cuff is an inflatable armband wrapped on the patients’ brachial artery.  With the help of the bulb, the air is pumped into the cuff. The valve helps in releasing the pressure from the cuff and the pressure is detected with the help of a measuring device.

Doctors frequently measure the blood pressure of patients using a medical sphygmomanometer because it is an indicator of the status of the person’s health. Early detection of high blood pressure is very important as it can be an indicator of serious problems like heart disease. While hospital-grade blood pressure monitors are heavy-duty and very accurate, they are also bulky and doctors prefer carrying much smaller sphygmomanometers.

The following are some of the most top-rated blood pressure monitors designed for use by doctors, nurses, and medical students.

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A manual BP Cuff
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The PARAMED BP Cuff can be used by people of any build because it has a very comfortable and long cuff of 22-42 cm. It is definitely worth the money because of its reliability. It measures both systolic and diastolic readings with great accuracy and is made of high-quality material. 


It is very portable and doctors can easily carry it around with them while taking rounds of the wards. Made up of latex-free material, this BP cuff is surely a blessing for patients who are prone to latex and other allergens. This bp apparatus is FDA approved.

GreaterGoods Manual BP Machine

Manual BP machine by GreaterGoods
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This sphygmomanometer is designed very thoughtfully to ensure easy handling of the instrument without compromising on the style. The dial of this sphygmomanometer has very large numbers which make it easy to read.

The cuff is lined with a very soft fabric so that the patient feels comfortable. The cuff also has artery indicator and D-ring that helps in positioning and fastening arm respectively, this is very helpful for doctors in training. It is made of high-quality latex-free material. This manual BP machine comes with a storage case that ensures the safety of the instrument. Being an overall high quality and accurate instrument, it is approved by the FDA for medical applications.

RBP-6700 by Raycome

Automatic BP Machine By Raycome

This is a pocket-size sphygmomanometer that can be easily used by the doctors during ward rotations. Along with its portability, the precision of its readings makes it one of the top blood pressure monitors for doctors. The accuracy of this instrument is up to +-2mmHg. All Raycome products are made with the latest technology called PulseWave. This is an innovative technology (not Oscillometric method), using dual-balloons/sensors technology (instead of other single balloons/sensor ordinary digital blood pressure devices) and continuous measurement of multi-point pressure between pulses to achieve the most accurate measurement during the record of the accurate real state of blood flow. It was called the most accurate BP device. A rechargeable Lithium battery saves costs for users.

The battery of this device is made up of lithium and offers a very large capacity. A fully charged battery can last up to 300 uses. It has a large screen so the readings of BP and pulse are very easy to read. The device also offers human voice reminders that help in using the instrument properly by following correct instructions.

Palm Sphygmomanometer 703 by ADC Diagnostix

Palm Sphygmomanometer 703 by ADC Diagnostix
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Most of the time, nurses are responsible for noting the patients’ vitals using the hospital bp monitor. But sometimes, during an emergency, doctors might need to check the vitals of a lot of patients at the same time. For such situations, the handheld sphygmomanometer 703 by ADC Diagnostix is very helpful.  It is smaller in size which means doctors can easily carry it in their lab coat pocket and take it out when needed.

This instrument has a pressure-sensitive trigger system for releasing the air out of the valve and you can control how fast or slow the cuff deflates. This sphygmomanometer has a luminescent dial and can be used in the dark. The gauge is made up of plastic and is easier to clean. All of these features are the reason ADC Diagnostix is one of the best blood pressure monitor suppliers.

Pocket Sphygmomanometer 700 by ADC Diagnostix

Pocket Sphygmomanometer 700 by ADC Diagnostix
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The ADC Diagnostix offers a lifetime warranty and a 3-year inflation system warranty on this sphygmomanometer, this speaks to the blood pressure monitor manufacturer’s confidence in the longevity of the machine. The air releasing valve of its inflation system is made of brass and has micro-threads which allow doctors to have precise control over the deflation. For preventing the build-up of dust inside the valve, it has a filter screen.

There are size guide markings on the cuff to prevent any kind of miss-cuffing. This feature is really important for the comfort of patients. The dial of this sphygmomanometer is luminescent with large numerals on it, so it can be read in very dim light. The testing, inspection, assembly, and packaging is carried out in the USA to ensure the best quality of the instruments.

Premium Sphygmomanometer by MDF Instruments

Premium Sphygmomanometer by MDF Instruments
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MDF Instruments is a bp machine company that is trusted by health professionals for the accuracy and durability of its products. Doctors cannot afford to use poorly calibrated instruments which is why this sphygmomanometer comes with an accuracy of +-3mmHg.

To ensure the comfort of patients, the cuff is made of high polymer nylon and also has an artery indicator for proper placement of the cuff. MDF Instruments provides a sphygmomanometer at very affordable prices without compromising on the quality. Their products are manufactured very carefully so that they can be used over the years without being damaged.

How to Choose a Best Sphygmomanometer

Through the above information, we already have a clearer understanding of some of the best medical blood pressure monitors, but more detailedly, how to choose the best sphygmomanometer that really meet our needs? You can find out more specific details here about how to choose a blood pressure monitor


We have listed some top-rated sphygmomanometers from which you can choose one that fits your needs. You should never compromise on the quality of an instrument especially when you are in a professional scene and are related to a medical field because someone’s life is in your hands. The better the quality, better the accuracy of the instrument. With accurate readings, you can make a proper diagnosis of your patients’ conditions.

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