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Technology has had a far bigger reach in the medical field, more than what people would love to admit. What used to be inaccessible is now in the hands of millions, with blood pressure monitors taking the crown for one of the most innovative creations. Sphygmomanometer types and brands are many, with each promising out of the world results. What can be said to be a fact is that they do work, with some getting the job done better than others. The following are some of the most accurate Blood Pressure Monitors in the market right now.

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Omron Platinum

Omron Platinum BP Monitor
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Omron Platinum has been one of the most accurate digital blood pressure monitors for years now and continues to perfume even better with every new release. Created by the Omron company that’s also home to a number of other blood pressure monitors that are widely used around the world in homes and hospitals.

Much of its accuracy is down, or a technological feature called TruRead, which takes readings from multiple tests then averages them to get a more accurate final result that is displayed clearly on its big screen. The design of the monitor is great, and one can comfortably hold it in their hands as it is not heavy. It is also portable and can be sued even when you are not in the house. On the price range side, it is a bit costly, but when you consider the features, then it could be described as a value device.

It stores about 200 readings and can accommodate an unlimited number of users at the same time. It also comes with a smartphone app that can be synchronized for easier operations and readings.



Beurer BM26

Beurer BM26

The Beurer BM26 is another small and convenient blood pressure apparatus that is not only cheap but packs some of the features you’d normally find in high-end devices. Priced at about £30, this blood pressure monitor can store readings of up to 4 different users at the same time, with each user getting storage of about 30 readings. It may not sound much, but it still does get the job done. There’s always that option of using all four slots for one person, and this gives you an impressive 120 readings.

For better accuracy, the Beurer BM26 collects all the readings you have done in a 24hr period, calculates an average of them all to give you a conclusive report on the state of your blood pressure as accurately as it can. The only drawback to the device is the lack of a backlit display. Otherwise, it is a good buy with good accuracy.



Raycome RBP 9805

Raycome 9805 blood pressure machine

Raycome has been one of the fastest-growing BPM manufacturers, and their habit of creating top of the range products has been instrumental in establishing their name among the best in the sector. The RBP 9805 is a true testament to their continued efficiency.

Making use of the groundbreaking PulseWave Technology, this sphygmomanometer registers some of the most accurate blood pressure readings. The PulseWave technology works a little differently from most of the other devices. Instead of using a single sensor, this digital BP monitor employs a dual-ballon sensor that conducts a continuous measurement of multi-pressure pulses then combines all the measurements into an average score that displays the closest value to the real reading with very little margins of error.

The technology has been so effective that it has already earned some awards despite being around for a short time. There are patents already filed in over 40 countries where the Raycome RBP 9805 is in high demand. It can be synchronized with the native BP Secretary App.



Withings BPM Connect


Withings BPM Connect has one of the most interesting designs. It is one of the smallest blood pressure monitors you’ll ever come across, a feature that makes it very economical and ideal for people on the move. But don’t let the small size fool you into thinking that it lacks in the major features.

To start off, it has a reliable battery that can last for up to 6 months on a single charge, making it the ideal device to carry with you on long travels; you would still be set even if you forget the charger at home. It also comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, which ensures that readings are shared seamlessly with the mobile app, allowing you to save all your readings to cloud storage. This eliminates the need for internal storage. The cloud data is very secure and can be accessed at any time from any place.

Like most accurate blood pressure monitors, Withings BPM Connect gives the results by taking a number of measurements then doing an average of everything before availing the results through the mobile phone app, storing it in the process.



Generation Guard

Generation Guard BPM

Generation Guard is an arm blood pressure monitor that rates highly among the best digital blood pressure monitors. It has a very simple design that boasts of a cuff that can be extended to fit just about any size of the arm. It also comes with a sleek backlit screen, which allows the user to see the readings in clear legible fonts.

It has a storage capacity of up to 90 readings and comes with its own set of rechargeable batteries and a carry case for those times where you may need to carry it with you on the road. It is not heavy, and you’ll barely feel it in your hands or bag. The adjustable cuff can be made tighter for more accurate readings, and it even comes with a detailed instruction manual to help you understand how to operate it without any outside help.

The accuracy of this device may not be up to par with the Omron and Raycome RBP 9805, but the reading is still decently near to the real thing. As it is always recommended, endure you keep off drinking and smoking before taking any measurements to ensure that you are in the right condition to do that.





LifeSource is another intricately designed and reliable blood pressure monitor that is one of the most versatile and has the best BP cuffs. The company behind it was reasonable enough to create a cuff that can be adjusted well enough to fit even those with the biggest arms around. One of the reasons why most BPMs don’t post accurate readings is due to having cuffs that are too tight or too large with no option for making adjustments. LifeSource has been able to find a solution to this problem.

The device is so sensitive that it is able to pick out an irregular heartbeat, notifying you immediately, something that can save your life as irregular heartbeats are precursors to something more serious. LifeSource attains a high accuracy level through its high sensitivity and the averaging of several readings to give a result that has very little margins of errors. It can store up to 60 readings, which is way below many of its peers within the same price range, something that should be improved on.



Why Accuracy Matters

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A digital blood pressure machine designed for home use was designed to reduce those trips to the doctor’s office and to give everyone a self-diagnosis tool in their hands that’s easy to operate. But they are not doctors, and they don’t heal. However, they have to be accurate because wrong information in the medical world can lead to a lot of problems if acted upon as a fact.

An inaccurate reading will lead to a misdiagnosis, which will lead to the patient being prescribed the wrong medicine that will only serve to make an already bad situation worse. This is the reason why every automatic digital blood pressure monitor undergoes rigorous tests to ascertain its accuracies before being released to the consumers. This is also why many blood pressure monitor manufacturers design them to take several readings then find the average, which will be the true representation of what’s on the ground.

Are there things you can do to ensure that the readings your blood pressure monitor takes are as accurate as possible? Yes. Some of the activities you can do include the following.


It is evident that getting the most accurate hypertension checking machine is the most important thing to consider when shopping for BPM devices. There are many other models outside this list that have impressive features worth checking out. If you do have any questions and concerns, please contact us at any time, and we will address everything you have on your mind regarding blood pressure monitors.

A Raycome BP Monitor

Based on the World Health Organization data, there are an estimated 1.13 billion people globally who have hypertension. This represents a huge chunk of the world population and puts hypertension up there among the most widespread medical conditions. The reasons why the cases are so widespread has a lot to do with factors like lifestyle habits.

It is for this reason that developments in the blood pressure monitor sector have been accelerating. The race to find ways to deal with hypertension has led many companies to come up with modern solutions. Raycome is among the trailblazers of blood pressure monitors manufacturers and has an impressive catalog of high-tech equipment designed to keep hypertension in check.

We are going to look into the blood pressure monitors under the Raycome name, how they work, and why they are better than their competitors.

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Raycome PulseWave Technology and How It Works in BP Monitors

Pulse Wave Illustration
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Among the many impressive innovations that Raycome has come up with, PulseWave Technology has left the biggest mark in the medical world. It is a technology that makes it easier for digital blood pressure to attain the highest accuracy when taking readings of the blood pressure.

Clinically, a pulse wave refers to the velocity at which the blood pressure moves through the circulatory system. It is the measure of how stiff the arteries get when they transport blood from one end to the next.

The naturally occurring pulse-wave is what forms the basis of how blood pressure monitors work. Once the device is clamped on the arm tightly, it is the pulse wave fluctuations that are being read to determine the blood pressure.

Raycome BP monitors have been able to use the pulse wave to create their own unique PulseWave technology.

Blood pressure monitors from Raycome record the Pulse Wave Velocity to correctly tell if the blood pressure is too high or too low. If the velocity is higher, then that is an indication that the blood pressure is higher too and vice versa.

The use of pulse wave velocity has been in use for years in the medical field as it is the most accurate method. Raycome monitors have managed to take that accuracy a step further by refining their own PulseWave technology.

Types of Raycome BP Machines

Automatic BP Machine By Raycome

Raycome is home to the best digital bp monitor machines, each designed for a specific function and environment. They include the following.

Hospital BP Monitors

Raycome hospital BP machines are designed for checking the blood pressure of patients in hospitals under the supervision of a physician. Their BP monitors are among the most trusted devices for most hospitals due to their accuracy and the ingenious PulseWave technology.

So far, there are three hospital BP monitors in their lineup that include the following.

RBP 9000

A cutting-edge blood pressure minitor by Raycome

A desk-top digital blood pressure monitor that uses PulseWave technology in combination with dual-balloon sensors to attain accurate readings with a ±2mmHg reliability score. The RBP 9000 has the following features;

It has an antibacterial design made up of a removable cuff cloth that can be cleaned and replaced after every use to avoid the spread of diseases as it comes into contact with skin.

It has a humanized feel to it thanks to a unique elbow button that can be used to adjust the arms position. The cuff can also be rotated horizontally for more comfortable reading.

It has a human voice reminder that belts out instructions to help users use it in the proper fashion.

It has memory storage of up to 100 sets.

RBP 7000

Hospital-use RBP 7000

Another desk-top based monitor that is a little smaller and less sophisticated than the RBP 9000. It also makes use of PulseWave technology as well as dual-balloon sensors. For better accuracy, it conducts a continuous measurement of multi-point pressures between pulses.

RBP 7000 has the following features;

An antibacterial setup similar to the RBP 9000 with adjustable cuffs.

Its arm support circumference lies between 17-42cm with the ability to measure both hands independently.

It has data communication support that allows it to be connected to other machines like computers via a USB port.

It has an Intelligent Awakening feature that switches the monitor into a dormant state when it is not in use and then reactivates it automatically when someone comes close to it.

It has Bluetooth connectivity that allows it to be synced with the BP Secretary app.

Nurse-Use BP Monitors

Nurse-use BP monitors are special devices that are designed to be used by nurses when taking blood pressure readings from patients. They have an elongated rectangular shape that comes with a digital screen and two buttons that handle all its operations.

There is only one type of nurse-use BP monitors in the Raycome catalog discussed below.

RBP 6700

A Raycome hospital-use blood pressure monitor

The RBP 6700 is a rectangularly shaped sphygmomanometer that employs the PulseWave technology to get its blood pressure readings. It is equipped with dual-balloon sensors that use upper and lower bags to get data.

The device has the following features;

It is portable, a feature that makes it ideal for nurses who move from one patient to another in the course of their work.

The device is Bluetooth and Cloud service enabled, which makes it compatible with the BP Secretary app.

It has a rechargeable battery that can handle more than 300 uses per charge.

The screen is large and well backlit, which makes the readings more visible even when in a room full of light.

It also comes with a human reminder feature to help people use it correctly.

Home-Use BP Monitors

If there is one thing that technology has done right within the medical field is bringing access to medical devices closer to the patients. Home-use BP monitors have revolutionized how people deal with hypertension. What used to be a process handled only by doctors can be taken care of at home by the patient themselves.

The following are the various types of Raycome’s home-use BP monitors;


Home Use RBP 9805

The RBP-9805 is a small digital BP monitor that comes with a large display screen, operational buttons, and charging ports. It makes use of the customary dual-balloon sensor found in other Raycome devices.

The following are some of its features;

It has a two-user design, which means it can be used for two different people in succession as it has the ability to store two sets of data differently.

It has an optional Bluetooth data transfer option.

It has a human voice reminder for helping people at home figure out how to use it.

The large screen is well backlit for easy reading of the data.

It has a wireless transmission feature that connects it to the BP Secretary app seamlessly.

It also has Cloud storage capabilities that eliminate the need for internal memory.



The RBP-88A is a unique wearable blood pressure monitor that is worn on the arm in order to get blood pressure readings. It makes use of PulseWave technology as well as the dual-balloon sensors. It is able to attain accurate readings by continuously measuring the multi-point pressures between pulses.

The device has the following features;

It has a large capacity rechargeable lithium battery that can handle over 120 reading sessions. The battery can be charged to capacity within 2hrs.

It also has wireless transmission it uses to send data to the phone and other devices like computers.

It is portable and can be carried around easily. You can even commute to work with it.

It has a cloud service that gives it ample storage of data.

Kids-Use BP Monitors

The biggest challenge in the blood pressure monitors world has always involved hypertension in kids. That area was neglected because, in the past, hypertension was not that common in children. That has changed, and there is a growing need to create a blood pressure monitor for kids.

Raycome has been able to pull ahead of others by coming up with kids-use BP monitors that are safe for children between the ages of 3-12. So far, they have one BP monitor for kids.



The RBP-1200 is a small digital sphygmomanometer that depends on dual-balloons sensor technology to register accurate blood pressure readings in children. Raycome has applied patents for the device in over 40 countries.

The RBP-1200 has the following features;

It is designed with a toylike design to make children more comfortable around it when it is in use.

It has an arm circumference ranging between 15-22cm.

It has a rechargeable lithium battery that can support 300 uses on one charge.

It is Bluetooth enabled and can store up to 200 sets of data in its internal memory.

Why You Should Choose Raycome BP Monitors

There are countless BP devices in the market, each with their own unique devices. However, when it comes down to it, you want to use a device that is not only affordable but reliable and simple enough to understand.

The following are reasons why, as a BP machine company, Raycome is the clear choice for you;

Technologically Superior

PulseWave Technology has been a game-changer from the moment it was launched by the blood pressure monitor supplier. It has pushed the ability of Raycome devices to excel in ways that other devices in the market dream only of. Technological innovations have improved the blood pressure monitors’ accuracy levels without adding any extra cost to the retail prices.

Ample Support

Business with Raycome does not end after you purchase their devices; that only marks the start of a relationship that benefits both the company and the patient. There are follow-ups and after-sales services to ensure that you are satisfied with what you bought. The devices also receive regular updates when the need arises to ensure they work at optimum levels.

Mobile App

The BP Secretary is the official BP monitor app associated with Raycome’s digital blood pressure monitors. You can use the app to check blood pressure while it is synced with the BP monitors to allow easy navigation of the devices while increasing the storage range for the data. The app displays the data in more graphical formats more presentable than the BP monitor screens.

Authoritative Endorsements

Raycome devices have been recognized globally as accurate and effective blood pressure monitors. Getting the nod from some of the most respected medical practitioners is very important as it is validation and testament to how good the devices are. If doctors around the world can agree that Raycome monitors are good, then there is no reason to not trust the devices.

FAQs About Raycome BP Monitors

1. What is the most accurate BP monitor for home use?

It is hard to declare which is the best digital blood pressure monitors for home use. The only differences are in their functioning and design. The RBP-9805, for instance, is bigger than either RBP-2400 and RBP-88A. In terms of functionalities, the RBP-88A has a smaller display screen compared to the other two. But as far as the accuracy is concerned, they are all the same and ideal for home use.

2. What should I look for when buying a BP monitor?

When looking for a BP monitor, the first thing you should concern yourself with is the ease of use. Being able to properly operate one is the only way you will get the correct reading. You should also pay attention to the functional features like storage capacity, battery life, portability, and how it interacts with other devices like smartphones and computers.

3. What is normal blood pressure by age?

The expected blood pressure readings by age can be split into eight main age groups;




0 – 1 Month

45–80 mm Hg

30–55 mm Hg

1 – 12 Months

65–100 mm Hg

35–65 mm Hg

1 – 5 Years

80–115 mm Hg

55–80 mm Hg

6 – 13 Years

80–120 mm Hg

45–80 mm Hg

14 – 18 Years

90–120 mm Hg

50–80 mm Hg

19 – 40 Years

95–135 mm Hg

60–80 mm Hg

41 – 60 Years

110–145 mm Hg

70–90 mm Hg

61 – Older

95–145 mm Hg

70–90 mm Hg

4. Which is better, manual or digital blood pressure monitor?

A digital blood pressure monitor is relatively better than a manual one. Operating a digital BP monitor is easier and can be handled by any person without any help. It is also easier to read data from a digital monitor as opposed to a manual one that can only be operated and the data recorded by someone who is trained in using them.

5. Which blood pressure monitors do doctors recommend?

In terms of accuracy, the best aneroid sphygmomanometer is the mercury one that is considered the gold standard as it does not need any recalibration when taking readings. However, they can only be operated on by a doctor.

When it comes to ease of use, digital blood pressure monitors are highly recommended as they can be used in any environment by almost anyone.


Raycome continues to advance its technology and innovations further in its bid to conquer hypertension. There are other players in the industry who are also doing their bit to further the cause. The crux of the matter is that hypertension is now a medical crisis worldwide, one that has to be tackled by everyone.

The need to have access to blood pressure monitors has never been so urgent than now.

If you want to know more about digital BP monitor devices, do not hesitate to get in touch and have all your questions and concerns addressed.

A Mercury BP Apparatus

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Blood Pressure is an indicator of health. BP being too high or too low blood pressure can be an indicator of heart diseases or other underlying health problems.

It is important to keep a BP apparatus at home so, in case of any abnormality, immediate help can be sought. There are many manufacturers of BP apparatus in the UK. For the sake of your own or your patients’ health, it is important to buy the best one.

The following are some bp apparatus companies based in the UK.

Table of Contents

Boots UK

Boots Company Logo Text

Boots UK is a company based in and spread all across the United Kingdom. Boots is one of the leading health and beauty retailers and has been in the industry for the past 170 years. The company has different sub-leading brands including No.7, Soap and Glory and Liz Earle. Boots is best known for its pharmaceuticals and the company prides itself in catering to everyone’s health needs.

Boots specializes in manufacturing its own products and has its oldest factory in Nottingham which was established in 1885.  Amongst the many items manufactured at Boots, their home blood pressure kits are the most prominent ones and have achieved a global status over the years.

Kinetik Well Being

Kinetik Well Being Company Logo

Kinetik Well Being is a UK based manufacturer of many medical supplies. Their catalog includes home blood pressure kits, thermometers, respiratory devices, hearing aids, fitness monitors, etc. All Kinetik Well Being products are Class IIa approved, which means they meet all the standards and are trusted by medical professionals. So you can be sure of the durability, ease-of-use, and most importantly, the accuracy of their machines.

The Kinetik Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a handy device that is very easy to use. It is perfect for the elderly who are not that well-versed in technology but need to constantly manage their BP. Checking the blood pressure with the wrist apparatus only takes the push of a single button. The wrist bp machine does not include a cuff as it can easily be worn on the arm itself, but Kinetik’s other BP machines all come with a very durable and comfortable cuff.


Raycome Company Logo Text

Founded in 2008, Raycome specializes in the production and selling of blood pressure monitors. Raycome has gained international acclaim because of the extensive research that goes into their products. In 2011, Raycome introduced the 4th generation Pulsewave BP monitor with dual balloons/sensors technology. The sensors technology helps in detecting the various pressure points to measure results accurately. Such precision-enhancing technology ensures that Raycome produces the best automatic blood pressure monitor for home use and hospital use.



Based in the UK, Duronic is a consumer brand that was launched in 2005. Duronic has become a household name in the United Kingdom and has customers all across Europe. 

The company’s efforts towards sustainability and recycling distinguishes itself from its competitors. With courier access to over 200 countries, Duronic’s bp checking machines at home are in the most demand.

How To Check BP At Home

A Person Checking Blood Pressure at Home
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Now that you know some manufacturers of the best digital blood pressure monitors for home use you should also know how to use a bp machine.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to do this


Keeping an eye on your blood pressure is the gateway to a healthier life. Observing your bp regularly can help you and your doctor in monitoring your health and noting even the slightest changes. Keeping an eye on your blood pressure will also make you aware of the lifestyle changes that you need to make to lead a healthier life. For example, consistently high readings of BP are an indicator that you need to care for your heart health and avoid oily foods.

Good habits like exercising at least four times a week, staying active, and saying no to a sedentary life also ensures a healthy life. Avoiding junk and processed foods help in maintaining your blood pressure and as a result, keep the cardiovascular diseases at a bay. Invest in a good bp apparatus and keep an eye on your readings.

Validation of the Raycome RBP-1200 upper-arm pulse wave device in children aged 3 – 12 years according to the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation protocol

Ji e Donga,b, Hongbo Donga.b. Peiyu Yeb. Yinkun Yanb. Bo Xie and Jie Mia,b



To validate the accuracy of Raycome RBP-1200 used for blood pressure (BP) measurements in Chinese children aged 3-12 years according to the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI)/lnternationat Organization for Standardization 81060-2:2013(E) protocol.


A prospective observational study was carried out using the same arm sequential method’ as described in the A心I protocol. Eighty-seven children participated in this examination and 255 paired-determinations were analyzed.


The BP difference between the RBP-1200 and the mercury sphygmomanometer device was – 0.9± 5.3 mmHg for systolic BP and – 1.1±5.0 mm Hg for diastolic BP, which were within the range of±5±8 mmHg as required by criterion 1 of the AAMI protocol. The SD of the averaged difference for each participant was 4.1 mmHg for systolic BP and 3.9 mmHg for diastolic BP, which were also within the requirement of criterion 2 of the AAMI protocol.


The Raycome RBP-1200 device fulfills the requirements of the AAMI protocol and it can be recommended for BP measurements in Chinese children aged 3-12 years with low or normal BP values. Blood Press Montt 22:40-43 Copyright©2017 Wolters Kluer Health, Inc. All rights reserved.
Blood Pressure Monitoring 2017, 22:40-43

Keywords: blood pressure measurement, children, pulse wave device, validation

Please download full paper via below link,

2-Validation of RBP-1200


The Value of a BP Determination Method Using a Novel Non-Invasive BP Device against the Invasive Catheter Measurement

Jinsong Xu, Yanqing Wu,Hai Su, Weitong Hu’. Juxiang Li,  Wenying Wang, Xin Liu, Xiaoshu Cheng

1. Research Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases and Department of Cardiology, Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, Nanchang, Jiang Xi. People I e’ Republic of China,
2. Fuzhou Medical College of Nanchang University, Fuzhou. Jiangxi, People’s Republic of China



The aim of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of the new blood pressure (BP) measurement method (Pulse method).


This study enrolled 45 patients for selective percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) via the right redial artery. A BP device using the eithe『 oscillometric (Microlife 3AC1-1) or Pulse method(RG-BP11) was used. At the beginning of each PCI, interradial BP has measured before Microlife BP or Pulse BP measurement as Its own reference, respectively. At the end of PCI, BP was measu『ed again with the measurement order of Microlife BP and Pulse BP reversed. The differences between intra-radial and Microlife (BPi-M) or Pulse BP (BPi-P) on SBP, DBP and mean artery pressure (MAP) were calculated. Meanwhile, in 48 patients the intra七rachial BP and intra-radial artery BP were measured to calculate the brachia redial BP difference (BPr-b).



The intra-radial SBP references used prior to both the Microlife and Pulse SBP that were similar (145.1627.7 vs145.8624.2 mmHg), but the Microlife SBP was significantly lower than the Pulse SBP (127.7620.5 vs 130.3622.7 mmHg, P,0:05), thus the SBPi-M was higher than SBPi-P (18.1611.8 vs 14.8612.8 mmHg, P,0.05). As the mean SBPr-b was 12.4 mmHg, the Pulse SBP was closer to expected lntra-brachial SBP by about 3.3 mmHg than was Microlife SBP to expected intra-brachia SBP. Meanwhile, Bland-Altman plots showed that the 95% limits of agreement for intra-radial SBP by Pulse SBP were narrower than those by Microlife (12.0,17.5vs15.5, 为6rnn+lg). However, the 95% limi1s of the agreement for Pulse DBP and MAP were similar to those for Microlife DBP and MAP.


Against the invasive BP measurement, the pulse method may provide more accurate SBP and comparable DBP and MAP as compared with the oscillometric method.

To download full paper, please click below link,

1-PulseWave is more accurate as compared with oscillometric method

On Sep 7, 2018, Shenzhen Raycome Health Technology Co., Ltd won the top 50 of innovative biotechnology enterprises in Guangdong-Hongkong-Macau Greater Bay Area.

National 12th Five-Year Science and Technology Support Program China's important cardiovascular disease prevalence survey


A doctor checking some health condition indicators

During the Corona Virus (COVID-19) outbreak in China, Raycome PulseWave Blood Pressure Monitors were applied in WUHAN hospitals like ‘Fire God Mountain Hospital’ and ‘ Thunder God Mountain Hospital’…